The World Of Khoras - Physical World - Wetlands

This thick bog is more of a slime marsh known for its itch vines and retch moss. The Stench Bog is directly north of Garrison. It is home to a large variety plant life. Conflicts between the Coalition and Garrison are commonly fought here. A single path runs around the bay from Garrison, through the Stench Bog, and on to Asylum. Even so, traversing this bog is very difficult.

The Stench Bog is home to the dragon Melikran. Melikran is a black scaled dragon of average size. He is docile and somewhat approachable, allowing the local draconian saurians to worship him and make sacrifices of food and victims. They often bring him fat cows and such and this has undoubtedly contributed to Melikran's laziness. Several knights from Garrison have ridden forth to do battle with Melikran but they have all died, either by Melikran himself or his saurian worshipers.


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