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The Free City of Garrison

"A model of chivalry in the lawless south, a beacon of hope, wisdom and truth in troubled times."
- Ayger Berrok, Earl of Korrington, Arkalia

"A minor obstacle."
- Murron, Lord of Murron's Pass, Coalition

Ruler Lord Marshall Jonathon Tretiach IV
Population 34,300
Demographics Human 55%, Dwarven 25%, Grum 10%, Elven 10%
Adjectival/Demonym Garrison/Guardfolk
Languages Southern 70%, Drakkellin 10%, Dwarven 10%, Elven 5%, Grumman 5%
Nationality None. Independent city.
National Colors Black and white.
Year Founded 1070
Currency Mostly Drakkellian
Natural Resources Abaloth resin, pigs and swine products, chickens, eggs, iron ore, blades, plate armor, medicinal and edible plants and herbs, seafood, leather and leather crafted items
Wealth Average
Government Type Autocracy
Government Stability Very Stable
Allies Drakkellian Alliance
Enemies The Coalition
Walled Fortress city-state
Crime Level Low
Technology Middle Ages
Primary Religion Barrinor
Other Religions Imarus, Sarreth
Climate Semi-tropical
Terrain Coastal Marsh


Garrison is an independent city/fortress which has charged itself with the unending duty of preventing Coalition activity west of Garrison. The largest and most impressive building in the independent city of Garrison is the Garrison Keep itself, for which the city is named. The Garrison Keep is the second largest building in all of Ithria. Only the Citadel in Duthelm is larger. This ancient building is a leftover from the days of the Great War. It is the last Traxxian fortress left standing and was the last to be built, incorporating many unique architectural developments into its design. This immense fortress houses a great deal of the city’s functions. Within these stone walls is the entire government and a vast majority of its military. The top floor of this grand castle houses the conference rooms in which Lord Tretiach meets with his knights and councilors.

The eastern third of the castle houses the officers and soldiers of Garrison’s army, led by general Mangolore. Most of the archer slits that face eastward are dedicated guard rooms that keep an every present eye on the eastern horizon, watching for Coalition raids.

In the very center of this immense building is a large circular chamber with three levels of balconies and several walkways that criss cross overhead. All major corridors within the keep meet in this chamber which is called the Great Hall. Many of the business inside can be found here.

The Garrison Keep houses storage rooms, guest rooms, banquet facilities, large kitchens, gaming rooms, training facilities, gardens, pools, businesses and much more. In addition, many of Garrison’s wealthier citizens pay a monthly tax to live, with their entire households, inside the Garrison.

Outside the fortress, the town consists mostly of small shops and farms. It is not a walled city.


This huge fort is the only Traxxian fortress that survived the Great War. In the following centuries, the Drakkellian Alliance sent a group of warriors to this post to monitor the evolution of the groups that would later form the Coalition and help keep the peace to promote trade. When major orcish clans and other groups united in what would eventually become the Coalition, the Drakkellian Alliance decided that the area was too dangerous to maintain a garrison there. The soldiers of the garrison disobeyed orders and maintained the fort. The administrators and other personnel fled back to Drakkel, but the warriors stayed. The Drakkellian government disowned the fort, which soon became known simply as the Garrison. A city soon grew up around the fort.

The fortress of Garrison has suffered sieges and assaults from ogres, orcs and worse from the Sentinel Mountains many times over the centuries. In 2080 CY, a powerful saurian aberrant, Thulkus the Serpent King, united many of the warring ogre and orc factions. Within four years he had amassed an army strong enough to lay siege to the mighty fortress and in 2085 CY the great Garrison keep fell to humanoid forces. After this victory, the humanoids began forking their tongues in honor to their leader, Thulkus and so the horde became known as the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue.

The Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue held the keep for 24 years. Those were dark years for the knights of Garrison. Many wandered hopeless and faithless for years until they were re-united by Sir Pralus, the White Knight (who witnessed the fall of the Garrison as a young squire) who led them into battle and recaptured the keep in a fierce 5 day battle with the humanoids. Thulkus, the Serpent King, leader of the Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue, died in that battle.

The knights have held the Garrison ever since. The Brotherhood and other humanoid clans have attempted to recapture Garrison, but it has never fallen since that first time.


The garrison has a formal chain of command. The commanding officer holds the unofficial title of Lord Marshall. His name is Tretiach and he is literally the head of a totalitarian government. His word is law, no exceptions. Tretiach oversees all governmental, diplomatic, economic and social functions of the city. In theory, he is also the supreme commander of the military forces, but this is little more than a figurehead position as he has little time for such duties. His right hand man, General Mangalore, is the true leader of the active military. Beneath Mangalore is a tiered hierarchical rank structure. In order, the military consists of five commanders, thirty captains, 135 lieutenants and 750 soldiers.

Legal System

Garrison's legal system is strict. Permits are required for weapons. All tools of thievery are outlawed. Most drugs and herbal medicines are restricted. Slavery is outlawed.


The garrison itself is very heavily fortified. In addition, Garrison has a permanent military force of about 1,000 men. These soldiers are well equipped and have received the best training.


A strong market in weapons and armor exists. Due to its location, small size and tremendous military budget, Garrison is forced to import food, clothing and other basic resources.


Based on the military. Most people here are excellent warriors or in some way provide for the warriors. Battle with the Coalition is constant. Life expectancy in this region is short.

At the end of summer, the Garrison holds the Autumn Hunting Festival. Besides feasting and general celebration, a great hunting contest is held. Members go hunting individually and in groups of 3 to 5 men. The hunting culminates on the last day with the judging.

Government and Public Establishments

Due to the unique architectural setup of this city, all establishments are merely chambers (or groups of chambers) within the main Garrison Keep devoted to particular functions.

Government Offices

The highest levels of the Garrison are devoted to the governmental offices, council halls, antechambers and private chambers of Lord Tetriach.

Halls of Steel

The eastern chambers of the Garrison Keep are known collectively as the Halls of Steel. These chambers house the officers and soldiers of the city militia and the Fighters' Guild. This area is run by Commander Mangalore (affectionately referred to by his troops as the "Mangler".)

The City Guard of Garrison

Due to the militaristic nature of the Garrison, there is no distinction between Garrison’s guards or patrols or army. There is simple one military body of about 1000 soldiers (and some 150 officers). This group conducts all security and military functions – from patroling the lands outside the city to guarding the peace within its walls to sentry duty in the corridors and chambers of the great garrison keep itself. This force is organized and professional. They wear the same style of armor (a scale/plate hybrid) and fight with broad, heavy single edge blades that have a slight curve at the point.

Temples and Shrines

The patron diety of Garrison is Barrinor and a grand temple to his honor dominates the heart of the Garrison Keep. There are smaller churches within the Garrison to Imarus and Sarreth. In the outer city, there are shrines and gathering places dedicated to Kolo, the Three Fates, Daramis, Farzak and Kael.

Important People of Garrison

Lord Marshall Jonathan Tretiach IV

The supreme authority of the city of Garrison is Jonathan Tretiach IV, a human man who inherited the position from his father and his father before him. Over the last century or so, Garrison has evolved into a monarchy although the traditional title of Lord Marshall remains. Tretiach is a large man with short cut blonde hair and beard. He enjoys being out in the city among the people and can often be seen watching his city from his balcony high up on the Garrison Keep. He has handsome face and a disarming smile that wins over many of the ladies. As an unmarried ruler, he entertains a number of lady friends in his quarters.

General Mangalore, Military Leader

An imposing warrior fully 2 meters (7 ft) tall with a mane of black hair and a scowl to match. He has earned the nickname "The Mangler" of which he is quit proud. His stern lectures to his assembled troops are famous and oft quoted. He is a demanding leader who is hard on his troops, but they all love him (in a fearful distant way). The Mangler has proven himself to be a terror on the battlefield many times.

Halli Damoth, High Priest of the Barrinor Church

Halli Damoth is a priest of Barrinor who was banished from Arkalia following an "incident" in the Church in Strathon which precious few people know the truth of. Several years later, he found his way to the Garrison, a place much in need of spiritual guidance. Although he was banished, he was falsely accused and is still in the good graces of Barrinor. He still maintains his magical ability and prayers daily with a clear conscience. Since he is unable to follow his chosen faith in Arkalia, he ministers to the needy in this war torn region and he has been accepted with open arms. He has been here for many years and has converted hundreds to the faith of Barrinor. He is served by six lesser priests who are studying under him. The Lord Marshall has allowed him to establish a huge temple in the heart of the Garrison Keep.

Shops and Guilds

Name and Proprietor Description
Honorable Knight
Inn- The Honorable Knight is the largest inn in Garrison and it physically resides within the great fortress. Kelvyr, a retired knight, maintains this establishment separate from the guest suites that Lord Tretiach’s staff tends to. The Honorable Knight is very expensive and caters to nobles who are passing through and wish the protection of the fortress walls but are not there at the request of Lord Tetriach.
Inn - The Guardian is the name of a heavily fortified Inn located on the southern outskirts of town. To help protect it against raids, its owner, Telomok, has spent every iron petty he has on fortifying his building. Telomok believes in security and safety above all else. The Guardian is built with very thick stone walls and stout iron doors. The windows are arrow slits. Telomok has seen the hordes of humanoids that inhabit the Coalition. He has seen orcish armies and goblin shamans and he fears the day when the horde will ride down out of the mountains and wipe Garrison out. He knows that when that day comes, there won’t be enough room for everyone in the Garrison and that villagers will riot. He sees his paranoia as mere preparation. He never goes anywhere without at least four weapons on him and seems to never take off his banded mail long coat. Telomok’s state of mind is questionable and he often scares the guests.
General Store - The Nobleman is the name of the large general store located inside the Garrison Keep. Corsur, a young man with the dark hair of a northerner. His shop consists of a series of interconnected storage chambers which branch off from the Great Hall.
Virtuous Crown
Smithy - Desika, a female dwarf, runs a successful forge and smithy deep in the bowels of the Garrison Keep, beneath ground level. She also is in charge of the iron ore mine that resides below. Many citizens of Garrison that cannot pay their debts end up working in the mine. Desika took over the operation of this mine and smithy when her husband was killed during a raid.
Flowering Rock
Apothecary - The Flowering Rock is the name of the only apothecary in Garrison located outside the Garrison Keep. Ilerrin, a young elven woman who lives alone, tends her gardens and prepares a number of poultices and healing concoctions, of which the militia can never seem to get enough.
Tannery and Leather Shop - Prang, a half ogre with a missing left leg, runs a small tannery and leather shop in the Great Hall. He is a ex-soldier and refugee from the Coalition and was able to provide the officials at Garrison with a great deal of insight into the military structure and strength of the Coalition groups
Black Arrow
Carpentry and Woodworking Shop - Halflask, an elderly grum male, is a master carpenter and woodworker. He has a small wood shop in the Great Hall of the Garrison Keep but frequently journeys out into the city to fix a fence, repair a stool or other such jobs. In his small shop, he sells such items as chairs, wooden spoons, smoking pipes, flutes, lyres and more.
Ebony Star
Stone Masonry Shop - Unther is a dwarven miner and stone mason who works in the lower levels near the mine and close to Desika’s forge. He crafts stone blocks to repair breaches in the walls of the Garrison Keep and this takes up most of his time. He also enjoys the more artistic side of stone craft and chisels small statuettes which can be found throughout the fortress. Unther loves Desika from afar but has never had the courage to pursue his feelings.
Jewelry Shop/Money Changer - The Bloodstone has been designated as the official money changer of Garrison. This small shop also buys and sells jewelry, cuts gemstones and monitors the mining of precious stones from beneath the Garrison Keep. Grakas, a balding human male in his fifties with intelligent grey eyes and an eloquent demeanor, is a master gemcutter. He also happens to be well versed in dozens of other topics.
Valiant Kinsmen
Gambling House/Tavern - When off duty, many officers and soldiers can be found at the Valiant Kinsmen, a gambling house and tavern located in the Great Hall. This rowdy establishment is where the folk of the Keep work out their stress with a good bar fight and a round of drinks. Weren, a charismatic man, hires beautiful young women from the town to serve drinks and bring the soldiers in. Weren is a good contact for fencing illegal goods and contacting the underworld (not that Garrison has much of an underworld though). He is very careful never to get caught by the authorities. He believes that the best place to run his small time scams is right under the authorities noses.
Scroll and Tome
Library/Sage - Located inside the Garrison, this small library is tended to by Sobethus, a human sage and advisor to Lord Tretiach.
Silk Ferret
Garment Shop - The Silk Ferret is a garment Shop located in the Great Hall. Qutiren, a half elf, creates and repairs all manner of clothing and cloth items. He creates the uniforms for militia officers.
Gunther's Noble Beasts
Stables - A large building with fenced in field. Gunther raises and trains warhorses here for the militia. His prices are a bit high for non-militia personnel (about 125% normal), but his horses are above average health and well-trained.
Chaste Virgin
Brothel - Known to many locals as the "Chased Virgin". This small establishment pretends to be a respectable inn and tavern, but actually is a brothel that is doing booming business and the headquarters for a small, but growing thieves’ guild. The Chaste Virgin is located in the western end of town.
Splintered Bone Alehouse
Tavern - Grom was once a Coalition orcish warrior and former member of Peil's Thunder. He was captured during a raid and spent almost a year in prison. During that time, he relinquished his ties to the Coalition and helped the Garrison warriors by providing tactical information. He was later released, but stayed in Garrison. He worked odd jobs until inheriting a small tavern from a dwarf brewer who had befriended him. Grom now runs the tavern and is something of a local favorite as the knights of Garrison look at him as an example of the fact that no one is beyond reach. The Splintered Bone Alehouse is a small tavern and has no rooms for rent. The fare is decent and rather unremarkable. However, Grom does have several orcish dishes and beverages on the menu.


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