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Arkron's Mirror

Other Names Arkron's Temporal Reflector
The Mirror of Seven Days
Category Device
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This beautiful mirror is oval shaped, a meter broad and trimmed in a decorative border of silver and gold.


Arkron, an elvish wizard of great power. created this enchanted mirror using an unknown combination of spells and techniques. When he died some four hundred years ago, his tower was looted and his possessions taken by bandits and raiders. Among his greatest treasures was this mirror. It surfaced for a time in the town of William's Gate in Corvenian. There is served the local magistrate in solving a number of crimes over 20 years. However, the mirror was stolen by a junior magistrate. His body was later found riddled with orcish arrows at the edge of the Trackless Mire. No sign of the mirror was found. A year later, a caravan leader claimed to have seen a mirror  matching the description of Arkron's Mirror in a guild house in Drakkel, although this is only rumor. The current whereabouts of the mirror are not known.


This enchanted mirror reflects events that occurred seven days ago. Whatever the mirror would have reflected had it been held in a certain position seven days ago is exactly what one will see on the surface of the mirror. This makes the mirror easily identifiable as magic since it will NOT show a normal reflection (in other words, the mirror will normally NOT show the current surroundings or the reflection of people gazing into the mirror. It will instead show the reflection from the past).




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