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Vaullian Historical Society

"Let history be our first and best teacher. As has gone before, so it is today."
Vaullian Proverb

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Type of Organization


Type of Members

Historians, scholars and sages
Member of Members 26,800
Demographics Vaullian 82%, Saridian 12%, Human 5%, Other 1%

Primary Location(s)

Vaul, Sarid, Chaddamar, Aukaria


Thought Master Nallushar Paun
Year Founded 925 CY
Symbol None.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

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General Description

The Vaullian Historical Society is an ancient brotherhood devoted to the recording of history. This society, and their central hall in the city of Vaul, is considered the pinnacle of scholarly lore in all the lands of Aggradar. The Society, as it is commonly nicknamed, is based in an immense castle in Vaul called the Citadel of Ages, which houses one of the largest libraries in the world. This group collects all manner of historical lore - books, scrolls and ancient artifacts. The group maintains small offices in other cities and nations, especially near ruins and sites of historical significance.

The library at the Citadel of Ages houses over four million scrolls, books and objects of ancient lore, including objects of art, weapons, maps and even bodies of famous people. Some 4000 scholars live and work at the Citadel.

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The Vaullian Historical Society was founded by three vaullian scholars in 925 CY, shortly after the nation of Vaul was founded. These three scholars, Daprakari Iun, Shukenas Mag and Ilwatunar Pyr, were renowned teachers and philosophers of the time, each having achieved greatness in their respective careers. Daprakari Iun proffered the idea of a society devoted to history and learning and ancient lore to his contemporaries and they agreed to pool their wealth and knowledge to begin the grand vision. Over the centuries, the Society has steadily grown in wealth and status. Their collectiosn of scrolls, books and artifacts has become significant.

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Goals and Motivation

The Vaullian Historical Society is interested in gathering and keeping all historical information. The most valuable items are stored at the Citadel of Ages in Vaulstav. Office in other cities and foreign lands are charged with keeping nearby sites and ruins safe and with obtaining valuable historical lore and artifacts.

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Allies and Enemies

The Vaullian Historical Society is allied with many other intellectual and scholarly groups. They are on very good terms with the Empyrean Regime and many members of the Society are also Regime faithful. The Society is also on good terms with the Heraldic Order of the Aukarian Republic and various academic groups in Sarid.

The Society enjoys government funding from Vaulstav and private citizens throughout Vaul. It has amassed considerable wealth.

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Most members of the Society are vaullian, but all races are welcome. To become a member, one must have credentials from a proper place of higher learning. Most members have studied at one of the vaullian or saridian academies. There is a formal interview process before membership is approved.

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Oaths and Codes


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Rank Structure

The Vaullian Historical Society has an informal rank structure based on years of service. Seniority is the only measure of rank among society members.

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