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The New Faiths

The New Faiths collectively refer to the religions of Aggradar that have arisen as a response to the cataclysm of the Sundering and the Ages that followed.  These faiths tend to be more localized and associated with specific nations and regions. Although younger, they are still powerful. Perhaps because they are more geographically concentrated, they tend to be much more focused and more deeply intertwined with the culture than the sprawling Ancients which are known across Aggradar.


Deity Name Role/Description
The Chaddamar The Chaddamar refers collectively to a tightly knit pantheon of six deities worshiped solely in the Chaddamar Theocracy. This pantheon consists of three pairs of polar opposite deities. All six constitute the sum total of the Chaddamarian world view. The Chaddamarian faith is a complex, dictatorial and intolerant religion formed from traumatic historical events in this corner of the world. The theocracy that worships the Chaddamar is bent on fighting a religious war against all infidels. They will convert every living soul on Khoras or die trying.
Vadalahaj Vadalahaj is the god of the Eshtari. He lives in the sky and watches over his children. He is a kind and benevolent god that has created a perfect world for the eshtari. The moons are his mistresses and the stars are the souls of eshtari ancestors that have gone to join him.
Aerism The saridian philosophy known as Aerism is the belief that the world around us is a vast and complex machine. All things in the world, every person, plant, animal and object, are parts of the Great Machine. The past and the future are as well so that fate and destiny are paths that can be predicted.
Vaullian Mysticism Vaullian mysticism is a deep and complex philosophy based faith that combines psychology, meditation, revelations, poetry, music and abstract spirituality in ways that outsiders find difficult to understand.
Vejadism Vejadism is a set of philosophies which collectively describes a perfect society based on upon hierarchy and unchanging law. It promotes the idea that reason and rank, structure and serenity reign supreme. Loyalty to one's self, one's family, one's house, one's nation and one's race are the foundation of "true honor".



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