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Status Greater God
Domain Nature, Forests, Rivers, Weather, Sky, Seasons
Ethos Trodule is the World. All things depend on him. War, Peace, Life, Death, Labor, Joy – all these things are naught without Trodule. Only the Land is Forever.
Typical Worshipers Druids, Rangers, Woodsmen, Hunters and most Hyttar 
Head of the Church None
Demographics 75% Hyttar, 17% Human, 5% Magrakian, 3% Other
Geographic Regions Worshipped widely throughout most of Aggradar to varying degrees.
Allied Faiths Loosely allied with the other Ancients.
Opposed Faiths None.
Holy Symbol An oak leaf. A deer's hoof print.


Trodule is the essence of the natural world given bodily form. He is depicted as a tall humanoid with the legs of a deer and large cloven feet. He has an animal’s torso and the arms of a man. He has the head of a fox with a pair of large antlers. Instead of fur, he is covered in grass. Vines trail from his head like hair. Flowers blossom in his footprints. In one hand he carries a clay jar filled with water from which all rivers flow. In the other hand he carries a tall pine tree as a stave.


The worship of Trodule has endured for many centuries. Once a thriving religion through much of the Kytohan Empire, it is now a dying faith to an ancient god. Though it is wide spread, it’s influence is limited. Scholars relegate it to the status of cult. It is worshiped among many of the lesser races and is the dominant religion of the Hyttar.

There are no grand temples in this religion. Instead, every babbling brook, every towering oak, every moss covered rock is considered his holy ground. Every day that sees sunshine is a holy day.

Most followers of this faith live close to the land. Hunters will often utter a prayer to Trodule for a good hunt. Farmers pray to Trodule to bring them soft rains and bountiful harvests. Ship captains will appease Trodule to clear their course of sea storms. Woodsmen carry charms of Trodule to protect them from wild animals. The Hyttar hold great feasts in Trodule’s honor and dance late into the night about raging bonfires.

The Clergy

The clergy of Trodule are wandering priests who live close to nature. Many races worship Trodule and his priests include human, hyttar, magrakian, and eshtari. The Vaullians respect the teachings of Trodule especially the idea of living in harmony with the land. Saridians sometimes worship Trodule to "experience Nature". These priests are usually hermits who live in the wild. They are few and far between, preaching to the trees and holding council with the animals of the forest.

It is said that priests of Trodule can commune with nature spirits and speak with plants. It is rumored that the animals of the wilds do their bidding. Some even say that the birds of the sky, insects, flowers and rocks obey them. If any of this is true, it is hidden in the forests.


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