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The Kindred Gods

The Kindred Gods refer to those deities whose origins are tied to a specific race. They are closely identified with that race and are worshipped primarily, but not exclusively, by it. The Kindred Gods were born out of the myths and legends of each race even as each race was finding its place in the world. As younger faiths, they are very regional and have yet to spread far into the world.

Deity Name Role/Description
Assytia Assytia is the goddess of nature, weather and the forests. She is the chief deity of the elves and all denizens of the forest. She is worshiped by elves, rangers, druids, faeries, herbalists, wizards and the like.
Uxamar Uxamar is known as the Deep Father. He is the god of the underworld and all the resources that come from below. He is the chief deity of the dwarves and father of the race. He is also worshiped widely by the mountain races. Further in the world, his name is known to and praised by miners, stone cutters, black smiths, jewelers and all who derive work and wealth from the land.
Arros and Setharus Arros is called the Everlasting Sky. He is the chief deity of the avarians and progenitor of their culture. Setharus represents the land and is to them the lord of evil. These two polar deities represent the two sides to all things within the avarian world. Sky and Land, Good and Evil, Up and Down, Light and Darkness, Truth and Deceit.
Ashali Ashali is the religion of the desert dwelling baenites. It is a pantheon of many minor gods, each controlling a specific aspect of baenite life. Ruling over the pantheon are a husband and wife pair associated with the two suns.
Threll Threll is called the Horse Lord. He is the chief god of the bathyns.
Grythga and Uthalgrim Grythga and Uthalgrim are the two gods worshiped by the Borrellians. Grythga is the Fire Maiden and Lady of the Hearth. Uthalgrim is the Frozen Lord and the Ice King. These two represent the conflict between Fire and Ice in the Borrellian world... the safety of home and hearth against the raging winter winds outside.


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