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The Dark Lords

The Dark Lords of Ithria refers to five ancient cults that have flourished and spread through the Ages like viruses. Where other cults have faded into obscurity, these five have endured. These are ancient and wicked gods whose worship is forbidden in most civilized lands. Often those who worship do so in secrecy, meeting in hidden conclaves with others of like mind. In less civilized realms, the worship of the Dark Lords is more apparent. Notable examples are Draxorith, who is the patron deity of Duthelm, and Karenia, who is widely worshipped in the Coalition. While not as powerful or wealthy as the Elder Gods, these faiths are widespread and subtle in their influence. The followers of the Dark Lords are in frequent conflict with the faithful of the Elder Gods and the Celestrials. And just as often, those who follow the Dark Lords oppose each other.

Deity Name Description
Belhelizar Belhelizar is the god of War, Destruction and Chaos. He is the chief nemesis of Imarus and the other Elder Gods. Belhelizar is the oldest and most powerful of the Dark Lords. The followers of Belhelizar revel in slaughter, bloodlust and lawlessness. They destroy without purpose and kill without mercy. They wage a ceaseless war against law, order and civilization. Belhelizar’s goal is a world of pure chaos and barbarism. He is worshiped by a broad mix of villainy… orcs, ogres, thieves, murderers, bandits, thugs, pirates, saurians, goblins and worse all bend knee to the Dark Lord.
Barulda Barulda is the Lord of Worms, the Prince of Plague, Master of Decay and King of the Undead. He is the god of death, suffering, sickness, plague and corruption. Those lost souls who worship Barulda do so to gain power over life and death and the shadowy realm between. Different sects focus on different paths of this faith, ranging from alchemy to pure necromancy to twisted corruptions of metal and machine.
Agethos Agethos is called the Patient One, the Night Hag and the Mother of Loathing. She is the goddess of revenge, hate, bitterness and regret. She is the queen of the rejected, the hideous, the forgotten and the damned. Her followers are many. Beggars, slaves, prisoners, indentured servants, drug addicts, prostitutes, maimed warriors and jilted lovers are just a few of the types attracted to the Night Hag. Most come seeking retribution against some perceived injustice. They give themselves up to her and they are rewarded with strength to avenge themselves upon the cruel world.
Karenia Karenia is the goddess of Poison, Murder and Lies. She is known as the Dark Lady and the Mistress of Assassins. Avarice, selfishness, trickery, deceit and subversion are all aspects of Karenia. She is a sophisticated killer with a refined and cultured nature. She urges her followers to revel in their sins and take what they want. Poison, murder and lies are merely tools to an end. Many pray to the Dark Lady... from the humble beggar to the haughty prince. Among the ranks of her faithful can be found the corrupt judge, the deceitful businessman, spies and assassins, gamblers, thieves, assassins, pirates and worse.
Draxorith Draxorith is known as the Great Dark One. Some say he is a demi-god, others a demon lord. In any case, he is the only deity to have manifested himself in the mortal world. He is a creature of malevolence and dark magic. Monstrous in appearance, yet possessing a terrible and dark intellect. Draxorith's power resonates throughout the dark kingdom of Duthelm. He inspires fanatical devotion in his followers.


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