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The Elder Gods of Ithria

The Elder Gods of Ithria are the oldest and most powerful gods of the lands. They are the gods that were worshiped in the earliest Ages, before the Great War, before even the Thullian Empire of old. Their origins often stretch all the way back to the First Age. The religions around them have changed over the centuries, but these gods have existed, in one form or another, since the dawn of time. The Elder Gods survived the rise and fall of the Thullian Empire, the World Storm, the Great War and the Age of Sorrow. Having endured eons and cataclysms, these faiths are now spread across many regions of Ithria. The churches that worship them are, in many cases, ancient, powerful and wealthy.

The Elder Gods of Ithria form a loose pantheon of deities. In the civilized lands of Ithria, it is common for people to pray to, and make offerings, to several of them. The common folk will pray to Mireldokar for a bountiful harvest, make an offering to Semorjon for a safe sea voyage, ask Sarreth to heal a sick relative and invoke Barrinor’s name in a fight. The existence of these gods is accepted. In major cities, it is common to find churches and temples to many or all of them in the same city.

Generally speaking, the worship of the Elder Gods is strongest in eastern Ithria (especially in the Rukemian Empire) and gradually fades the further west one goes. The popularity of specific deities varies from kingdom to kingdom.

Deity Name Role/Description
Imarus Imarus is the King of the Gods. He is the Maker of the World, the Father of Civilization and the Giver of Law and Order. He is the oldest, wisest and most powerful of all beings. His church is vast and spread across the realms. He is worshiped by all, from kings to beggars. The faithful of Imarus serve many roles –   counseling the lost, ministering to the faithless, caring for the sick, advising the nobles, punishing the wicked and judging the guilty.
Barrinor Barrinor is the God of Honor, Truth, Courage and Virtue. He is the shining knight, the noble warrior, the light in the darkness and the shield against danger. He battles the forces of evil and chaos across the dimensions. He sets an example for all, from the noblest champion to the humblest beggar and any others who would join him in the fight.
Vorkayne Vorkayne is the God of Magic and Arcane Lore. A reclusive figure shrouded in myth, he is also associated with secrets, riddles, mysteries and hidden knowledge. He is worshiped by many wizards in the world. He is the patron god of Carrikos.
Semorjon Semorjon is the God of the Sea. He is the master of wind, wave, surf and storm. He is the Sea and all things in it. He represents the bounty of the sea, but also its mysteries and dangers. He is worshiped by sailors, fishermen, shipwrights, captains, pirates and all who make their living from the sea.
Sarreth Sarreth is the Goddess of Peace, Harmony, Love and Healing. Her followers are called the Sisters of Sarreth and their healing ability is unmatched. They are a sisterhood of pacifist monks devoted to peace and healing. She is worshiped by caregivers, healers, mothers, protectors and all who value peace.
Kael Kael is the God of War. He is worshiped by warriors, soldiers, guards, mercenaries and anyone else who fights. This faith spans the continent and includes many races and professions,
Mireldokar Mireldokar is the Goddess of Agriculture, Nature and the Harvest. She is the land and all it provides. She is also associated with the hearth, warmth, home, safety, family, community and fellowship. She is worshiped by farmers and shepherds and all who make their living by the land. She is also quite popular with woodsmen, rangers and many more.
Glavyris Glavyris is the Goddess of Knowledge, Art, History, Poetry and Language. To a lesser degree she is also associated with fate and destiny. She is favored by sages, scholars, historians, bards, artists, scribes, philosophers, poets and many wizards.


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