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The Queen of Scrolls, Mistress of Lore

Status Greater God
Domain Knowledge, Art, Language, History, Luck, Fate and Destiny
Ethos The sum of all power is contained in words.
Typical Worshipers Scholars, scribes, historians, bards, heralds, minstrels, diviners, philosphers, wizards.
Head of the Church None.
Demographics 50% Human, 25% Elven, 10% Grum, 5% Dwarven, 5% Avarian, 5% Other
Geographic Regions Ranges from Ithell in the west to the Rukemian Empire in the east with strong areas of worship found in Corvenia, Carrikos and Vogue.
Allied Faiths All the Elder Gods.
Opposed Faiths All of the Dark Lords.
Holy Symbol A scroll and quill.

The Deity


Glavyris is the goddess of language and knowledge and all things related to them. History, art, poetry, song, music and lore all are aspects of her church. She is also seen as the goddess of the past and future, fate and destiny. She uses words and art to weave historical narratives and divinely inspired predictions.

Glavyris is depicted as a very tall, slender woman with a radiant, unearthly beauty. She has long elvish ears, black hair, striking oval eyes and a pair of huge iridescent gossamer wings sprouting from her back. She is often depicted with a radiant halo overhead, a book in one hand and a slender staff in the other. She is dressed in robes of gold and black that are decorated with golden glyphs and runes from dozens of different languages. 

She carries with her an enormous book called the Tome of Lore. In this she records all the knowledge of the Universe.

It is said that Glavyris loves poetry and song above all other things and compositions that greatly please her will be rewarded with blessings and luck.

Myths and Legends

When Imarus made the world he formed the Elder Gods including Glavyris. She has ever been the seeker of knowledge, the one to solve problems. She is the historian of the world for Imarus and keeps a record of all things that transpire in her Tome.


The Church

Overview of the Church

Glavyris is the smallest of the Elder God churches. Her faith is estimated to be not much more than one million faithful. This is most likely due to the very specialized nature of the faith. It is very much an urban faith and found only in major cities and sometimes in large towns. The priests of Glavyris are called "Lore Masters". They are learned scholars with powerful divination magic at their disposal.

Geographic Placement

Her followers can be found in the more civilized kingdoms. In particular, the faith is strong in Ithell, Corvenia, Vogue, Carrikos, the Rukemian Empire and the Drakkellian Alliance.

History and Origins

Religious scholars suspect that the church of Glavyris originated as a minor cult of mystery and magic during the Thullian Empire, but it survived in a number of different groups that later merged.


The primary goal of the church of Glavyris is to collect, preserve and make available to the world... all knowledge. To further their knowledge, the lore masters (and many of the worshipers) pursue a variety of academic projects, research and even magical experimentation.

Temples, Churches and Holy Sites

There are only a few temples to Glavyris. They are located in Aridorn, Arcanum, Vogue, Zesrun, Strathon, Ithell and Drakkel. These temples tend to be huge quite beautiful and well fortified. Marble columns, tiled floors, vaulted ceilings and large domes are common architectural themes. These temples have multiple roles. As well as religious halls of fellowship, the temples also serve as schools, libraries, historical archives and guild houses for scholars.

Each temple contains a museum, a school and a vast library containing many thousands of books and scrolls. There are also numerous studies, reading rooms and meditation chambers devoted to the most serious contemplation. There will typically be as many as two dozen statues of Glavyris in various chambers. Reflecting pools, bathing pools and saunas are also commonly found in a temple of Glavyris.

Temples host frequent academic meetings, conferences and lectures, in addition to religious functions. Fellowship is as important as academic studies in this faith. In some ways, the temples serve as social clubs as much as places of learning.

Each temple operates independently, but they do cooperate with each other a great deal. The temple in Ithell is by far the largest with 140 lore masters and almost a thousand followers. Ruling over this temple is Grand Lore Master Seulat, an ancient, wizened elven sage who is well respected in the academic circles. Master Seulat is one of the oldest lore masters in the world. He has also been involved with the founding of the Ithellian College of Magic and Science and the Ithellian University. Seulat is very tall for an elf and has a bad limp. He walks with the aid of a gnarled staff which is reputed to be heavily enchanted by his own hand.


Glavyris is worshiped by the intellectuals of society. Sages, scholars, historians, teachers, students, writers, artists, poets, philosphers and wizards pray to her for inspiration, enlightenment and answers.

Allied and Opposed Faiths

Glavyris is the only church to be somewhat allied with Vorkayne, as both faiths are passionate about knowledge and wisdom. She is also generally on good terms with most of the other Elder Gods.

Glavyris opposed the Dark Lords, but most especially Belhelizar. The destruction of civilization means the loss of knowledge and in this regard, they are diametrically opposed.



Knowledge is the most precious thing, more valuable than gold or jewels. It must be protected at all costs. Spare no expense to ensure it is kept safe.

Only through knowledge can the world be made a better place. 

New discoveries wait to be found by those who seek them.


The holy book of this faith is called the Tome of Lore, the book depicted in the hands of Glavyris. The Tome contains a mix of the collective wisdom of the church over the centuries, the doctrines of the faith and a great deal of philosophy. It both teaches the reader the faith, but also serves as an archive of the most important knowledge of the world. Each temple has a copy of the book. All of these books are linked together. When information is added to one book, it will magically appear in all other copies.

"Choice, not chance, determines one's destiny" - from the Tome of Lore


The quill and scroll are the symbols of this faith. They are often represented in simple artistic depiction. The actual objects are considered holy as well. Lore masters always carry scrolls, quills and ink with them, for functional use as much as for holy reverence.


Once each month, the lore masters and many of the faithful of Glavyris will gather at the temple and share new knowledge with each other. This affair, called a Lore Day, lasts all day long and often into the night.

One of the most frequent rituals involves posing a question of the temple's copy of the Tome of Lore. The Tome, enchanted by powerful divine magic, will then open on its own to a random page. Oft times the text of the page will seem a vague and cryptic response to the question. Intepreting the meaning of the page in the context of the question is the duty of the lore masters.

Holy Days

This faith has no holy days other than its monthly Lore Day.


The only artifacts of this faith are the Tomes of Lore kept at each temple. These are sacred books, divinely inspired, powerfully enchanted and jealously guarded.


The Clergy

Overview of the Clergy

The lore masters endlessly search for knowledge. They are always willing to purchase books and pay for accurate accounts from travelers. They commonly employ powerful divination magic to answer questions to which the answers are not easily obtained. Often, the Lore Masters will send out representatives on long journeys in order to obtain specific information or verify questionable knowledge. On rare occasions, the Lore Masters will plan major quests and several of the Masters themselves will go.

The Lore Masters are a mix of wizard, priest, scholar and wise man. They wield a variety of spells pertaining to divination. As they gain power, their repetoire of spells broadens and they become more powerful. Lore masters have no rank other than years of service. Each temple is ruled over by a single "grand" lore master.



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