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The Kithdari

The Kithdari were a powerful and magical race of beings that lived on the continent of Qeshir some four thousand years ago. They controlled a vast empire that covered most of the eastern half of Qeshir, but the heart of their empire lay in what is now known as the “Border Clans” region. Their technology and magic was the equal of any modern day nation. They ruled over other races, even fashioning a slave race to their liking with magic. Very little is known about Kithdari language or culture. Based on evidence found in the ruins (pieces of armor, statues, carvings, etc) the Kithdari were a tall and thin humanoid race.

Centuries before the Sundering and World Storm, the Kithdari vanished and their empire collapsed. Those races whom they subjugated were suddenly free. Chief among these races were the mandalar who fled into the mountains, only to reclaim the Kithdari lands centuries later. Scholars and historians are not sure what the ultimate cause of their fall was. Several theories have been put forth: plague brought by refugees, landquakes, the whim of the gods, some terrible magical weapon or even that the Kithdari fled to another dimension.

Although the Kithdari are no more, they left behind a grand legacy. The Border Clans region is scattered with tremendous ruins. Many have ancient Kithdari glyphs inscribed on them. Strange and powerful Kithdari sorcery still lingers among these ruins... and from what little is known of the Kithdari, their sorcery was much different from the magic practiced by wizards today.


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