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The vothen are tall, heavy humanoid creatures that stand about 3 meters tall and weigh close to 500 kilograms. They have a short beaklike snout which dominates their face. A vothen is covered from head to toe in thick, shaggy fur. Vothen have heavy, cloven hooves instead of feet. Their short, stubby fingered (four fingered hands) have short, heavy claws. The snout beak of the creature is filled with hundreds of tiny sharp teeth. The small, beady black eyes of the creature are often covered with fur which hampers their vision. Although vothen have very poor vision, they have an excellent sense of smell and superb hearing.

These primitive meat eaters are slow moving and ponderous, but very tough and immensely strong. They are good in a fight and often allied with other humanoid races. It is not uncommon to find a vothen or two working with a pugnar or hyttar tribe. The vothen speak in extremely deep, grinding voices. Their language consists of what sounds like deep growls, clicks and moans. It is impossible for a non-vothen to speak their language, although a few rare individuals have learned enough of it that they can understand it. The vothen can learn other languages though it is often difficult for them to speak other languages and they rarely learn or speak more than a few words. Vothen are able to communicate discreetly over large distances. Two vothen standing almost a kilometer apart can converse using very low frequency sounds and such a conversation would not be heard by others because it would be below the threshold of hearing of most other races. In general, vothen tend to speak little and seem blissfully unconcerned with the comings and goings of the world around them. Individual vothen seem content to follow the group with which they are allied.

Vothen have a strong odor which is noticeable at a distance. It is a musky scent. The Vothen can smell this musk at a range of almost a mile. They use it to identify themselves. Individual vothen can be identified by their smell. The scent changes with the emotional state of the vothen and two vothen in close proximity can even communicate basic ideas through scent alone.

The vothen are found only in Aggradar where they tend to stick to northern mountains and wilderness areas. Vothen communities tend to be primitive tribes of 50-100 individuals dwelling in caves in remote regions, far from civilization. Vothen tribes are loose communities with no clear laws or leaders. Vothen dislike other races intruding and will protect their privacy fiercely. Vothen do not seem to practice slavery or take prisoners, but have been known to eat the flesh of fallen enemies. Vothen have voracious appetites and always seem to crave meat.

They are not generally considered an evil race. One witness claims to have seen a strange community gathering in which dozens of the creatures stood in a circle, chanting in their low voices and swaying back and forth. Clearly, very little is known of vothen culture.


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