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The urtas are a tall, gangly humanoid race. They stand over 2 meters tall and are exceptionally thin. The urtas are known for their ugliness, but otherwise appear human. The typical urtas has a long thin pointy chin, prominent cheek bones, prominent eye ridges, long pointed ears, long wiry hair, thick eyebrows and very pale greyish skin. They occasionally have facial warts.

Many urtas suffer from a rotting disease that causes growth under the skin resulting in unsightly bulges in the flesh. This disease affects only the urtas and does not seem to be transmittable to any other race. About half of the urtas are affected, but it is a common believe throughout the lands, especially ignorant commoners, that all urtas are infected.

The urtas have a reputation as being carriers of disease. They are often seen as untrustworthy and it is said that they steal, lie and cheat for it is their nature. Many describe them as cruel sorcerers in league with demons and that make pacts with evil spirits. Stories of urtas boiling children for their dinner and the like are often told. Urtas are often persecuted by the more powerful nations and races of Qeshir. In less civilized regions, ignorant commoners sometimes make sport of hunting urtas and executed them out of superstitious fear.

This reputation is totally undeserved. They are a kind, compassionate, timid and peaceful people. The urtas excel at gardening, herbalism, the lore of plants and animals, weather and the ways of Nature. The urtas dwell in small communities in the deep woods scattered throughout Qeshir. They prefer to be close to nature. Most urtas dwell in "yukelas" -  cleverly constructed tree houses fashioned from canvas stretched over wooden frames. Some urtas wander the lands and will occasionally stop by towns and cities. Still others have left the woods behind and live in the human cities year round, perhaps to try to dispel the misconceptions about them.

Although the urtas have no formal religion, they worship the natural world as a living being of which they are a part. As a race, urtas generally tend to keep to themselves in their own small villages. They have been known to ally with others on rare occasion. The urtas rarely encounter elves, but feel a distant kinship with them as the elves are also children of nature. Urtas will fight only when necessary - to protect themselves or the land from those that would defile it.

Similarities in language and culture suggest that the urtas are a race that branched off from the Anquarans many centuries ago.


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