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Trolls are large, ugly humanoid creatures with rough grey skin and small black eyes. They are immensely strong creatures ruled by violent emotions. They are little more than engines of destruction that can barely be controlled. They typically fight with their enormous fists or large wooden clubs. 

Trolls are colossally stupid creatures. They have no crafts or skills. Metalwork, weaving, leather work and other such crafts are beyond them. They have no concept of mathematics or writing. They can barely grasp the concept of language and most speak only a few words.

Trolls have a very high pain threshold. They can sustain a shocking amount of physical punishment without flinching. Some scholars believe that trolls, in fact, do not feel ANY pain. This immunity to pain combined with their innate physical toughness gives them a casual disregard for their own safety. They often will put themselves in harm's way to get at an opponent. Their extremely tough hide usually protects them. This makes the average troll extremely dangerous. You can't count on a troll to do the "smart" thing. The only thing that you can count on is that the troll will usually get back on to its feet, despite the punishment you throw at it.

The skin and flesh of a troll is very flame resistant. Normal fire has very little effect on them. Trolls are able to cook meat by holding it with their fingers over the fire. Trolls are likewise little effected by extreme cold. Trolls also show a remarkable resistance to magic. Many spells, especially those that affect the soul or mind, simply won't work on a troll.

Trolls live alone or in small groups. They dwell underground in shallow tunnels and caves near the surface. They like to raid the surface world at night for food, weapons and captives. They have been known to work with other evil races - ogres, orcs and goblins primarily.


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