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The hyttar are a humanoid race of short, skinny knobby-kneed creatures. A typical hyttar stands about 1.5 meters tall (4-5 feet) and weights around 50 kilograms (110 pounds). They have oily green skin, large black eyes and stringy black hair. The face has slight bestial qualities with small tusks and a blunt snout. They seem to be somewhat distantly related goblins or orcs.

Hyttar had a primitive society of nomadic hunters and subsistence farming. They had no great walled cities. They have no talent for magic and keep no great libraries. Their nation was a simple region of villages and clan warfare until recently. Several years ago, they were abruptly conquered by the Trossoli who came from the underworld. Being no match for the magic wielding telepaths or their armies, the hyttar were quickly conquered. Tens of thousands of hyttar fled to other nations. The rest were enslaved by the trossoli. The former hyttar wild lands are now known as the Trossoli Dominion. The trossoli have put their new hyttar slaves to work building massive citadels of stone and wood and iron. Four of these immense constructions have been completed and now sit at the center of towns.

The thousands of hyttar who fled their land have become refugees in neighboring kingdoms and scattered themselves throughout Aggradar. These refugee hyttar are generally considered a lesser race and a nuisance by many other races. They have become beggars and thieves, homeless and vagrants. Hyttar are often seen as dirty or untrustworthy as most of them live off the scraps of the wealthier races and many hyttar turn to thievery and other crimes in order to survive. They often take the most menial or most dangerous labor. They are mistreated by some races, pitied by others. The Hyttar have become a scattered and fragmented race. Individually, they seem to bear the burden of their race’s misfortune rather well. Some march blindly through life merely contented that at least they are alive and working. Others are more optimistic and do their work with a smile and the hopes that their race may one day, in some distant future, reclaim their home land.

Hyttar tend to be weak and cowardly, but often very curious. Although not a particularly cruel or evil race, the hyttar do often associate with and work with evil races. Individually, hyttar show great variability and there are some hyttar who work and live with the more peaceful races of the world, especially now that there are so many hyttar refugees.

Hyttar are notorious thieves who will walk off with anything that isn't nailed down. Hyttar tend to form groups and raid like bandits. Hyttar use whatever weapons and armor they can steal. Their own technology is somewhat limited. They tend to wear leather, padded armor, bulky cloth and animal skins. Any metal armor they wear is likely stolen as they have not yet mastered advanced metal crafts or their stone craft is crude. However, they excel at carpentry and took good advantage of the forests in their homeland.


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