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Boglings are a primitive race of aquatic amphibious humanoids. They are short, squat creatures with spindly limbs, smooth green skin, bulbous black eyes and a paddle-shaped tail. They have webbed claws on hands and feet. They are adapted to life in the swamp and excel at swimming. They can hold their breath for up to 15 minutes.

Boglings live in small tribal communities in the wetlands and marshes of the world. The largest concentration of boglings and the largest bogling tribes can be found in the Kalanos Marshes. However, they can be found in smaller numbers in the largest swamps of Ithria and Qeshir. They use primitive tools and weapons and dwell in dome shaped huts fashioned from branches and large leaves from the local swamp plants.

Bogling technology is very limited. They wear little to no armor. Their weapons are typically spears, clubs and axes fashioned from natural materials. They have no metal working skills and any metal objects they possess will be stolen. Boglings tend to adorn themselves in jewelry made of bone, vine, resin and shell.

Boglings live in tribes typically consisting of 50-500 individuals, about half of which will be males capable of fighting. The boglings have a very primitive social structure and are led by the strongest male. The boglings have no shamans or spellcasters of any kind.

Bogling tribes are very territorial and border disputes between tribes is common. A number of bogling tribes in the Kalanos Marshes have been enslaved by the Sorcerer King Lothiramar. They now serve him as scouts, spies and warriors perfectly adapted to combat in the bogs and wetlands of the Kalanos Marshes.

Because of the perpetual fog and mist that permeates the Kalanos Marshes, the bogling tribes use drums and horns for long-distance communication. This drum and horn language is surprisingly sophisticated. Complex conversations can be carried on over many kilometers.



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