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The Ankari are a peaceful race that inhabit a hidden realm and appear in the world from time to time. They rarely visit this world and do so discreetly. They have highly developed magical skills and blend it with their technology, which is almost the equal of Kalimura. In addition to their refined magic, the Ankaris have devised their own defensive martial arts, have achieved an awareness of their own life energy and channeled it into heightened senses and extraordinary health. They live long, full lives, govern a peaceful society and have virtually done away with conflict and disease. The hidden realm of the Ankari is a paradise though they rarely speak of it to outsiders.

A typical ankari appears as a normal human with the following exception : Ankari tend to be tall and all are in perfect health. In addition, almost all Ankari have honey golden hair and steel grey eyes. They have a serenity about them, an aura of calm and strength. They speak in soft tones and have easy, relaxed voices. They typically wear tan or brown robes and carry ornately carved wooden staves.

Ankari typically appear in small groups when visiting Khoras, go about their business quietly and vanish as quickly as they came. They are exceptionally intelligent and perceptive, almost empathic. They are very open minded and forgiving. They have a tendency of social freedom, often exchanging mates. Ankari tend toward pacifism and will usually seek a peaceful solution to any problem, resorting to their magic as a last resort. Most Ankari carry no weapons and will instead use spells to defend themselves. Ankari rarely show emotional extremes and are usually somewhat restrained in emotion and action.

The History and the Hidden Realm of the Ankari

The Ankari were originally known as the "Sukari". They were a tiny kingdom nation known as Sukara which was surrounded by much larger nations during the Age of Dreams. It was little more than a city-state secluded in a single valley with no more than a dozen towns and villages. They had, at the time, a renegade Mage Lord living with them. His name was Orzuthimal and he was one of the greatest mage Lords that had ever lived. He had left the Alliance and turned renegade during the early parts of the Great War. He settled in the tiny nation of Sukara and become a protector of the realm. He taught other wizards of the kingdom, though always did his best to cloak his true identity, which was known only to the King and a few others. History is, for the most part, unaware of what become of Orzuthimal after he left the Alliance. Extending his life with powerful magic, he lived with the Sukari for more than two centuries. The Great War raged around the kingdom of Sukara for decades. Finally, King Cebora, the nobles and Orzuthimal agreed upon a bold plan. The great archmage used his magic to relocate the entire city and surrounding region. This became known as the "great Sukaran Vanishing"... one of the great mysteries from the Great War.

They relocated to the third moon of Khoras. Night's Jewel. It is the smallest of Khoras' moons. Its odd green color is actually the result of large scale terraforming on the part of Orzuthimal - a process that took him many years to complete. The Sukari (which means land dweller) renamed themselves Ankari (which means sky dweller). They have an entire nation - the Kingdom of Ankara - strewn across the face of Night's Jewel. Their society is now a peaceful and idyllic realm ruled by sorcerer kings. Although Orzumithal died long ago, his teachings were passed down. The Ankari now use their magic to visit Khoras on occasion. To the inhabitants of Khoras, the Ankari are known only as pacifists with powerful magic who come and go quietly. Very few people on Khoras know the truth about the Ankari.

Not all Ankari can cast spells, but their society favors magical training (almost 1 in 50 Ankari wields magic). Any group of Ankari that travels to Khoras will usually have at least three spell casters with them. Any of these three would have sufficient magic to open a portal to return to the Ankari realm.

As a society, the Ankari seem content to let the nations of Khoras wage war upon each other and have no interest in interfering with the politics or cultures of the world. Likewise, they are very careful to protect their hidden realm and remain isolated from Khoras. Only under exceptional circumstances is a guest from Khoras brought to Ankara.


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