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Sea Gypsies

Also known as “Drifters” or “Floaters”. The Sea Gypsies are a race of humans that live almost entirely on their ships. They spend their lives sailing the Sea of Chaos, the Sapphire Main and the Henari Sea. They range along the southern coasts of Ithria and western coasts of Qeshir – from Karth to Anquar - always moving, always trading.

No one knows for sure how many sea gypsies there are. Scholars estimate their numbers to be between one hundred and two hundred thousand, although some believe it may be as many as half a million. An accurate count is impossible because of the geography range of this race. While they live on their ships and spend much of their time out at sea, some sea gypsies have integrated themselves into other populations, usually in coastal towns and villages.

The average sea gypsy ship is a sleek schooner with a fore and aft mast, rigged in the Mercian style. A typical ship is 15 meters long (50 ft) and will carry about 15 to 30 people. The sea gypsies travel in extended families. Everyone on one ship is considered part of the family. This means cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and any vagabonds the ship may have picked up. Large sea gypsy clans may travel in as many as twelve ships that travel in packs. There are certain social rules governing a ship/family. The eldest mariner (male still physically capable of sailing) rules the family clan. Large sea gypsy clans sometimes adopt insignia which members will wear as tattoo or work into jewelry.

The sea gypsies. are considered untrustworthy by many mariners, little better than pirates. The sea gypsies often sail around the thousands of small islands in the Pirate Isles. Sea gypsies frequently visit Seven Kegs.

The Sea Gypsies have developed their own language called Juema. This rhyming cant full of slang terms and odd expressions is also sometimes called "Sea Talk". It is based on a modified form of Ithrian Southern but has been influenced by contact with many other languages and cultures. Most people who speak Southern find Juema fairly easy to learn.


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