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The Juenta

The juenta are the native people of the Broadlands of Qeshir. Although the region is home to a cluster of tiny kingdoms, they are bound by common race and culture. The juenta are a human subrace known for slight builds, olive skin and curly black hair. They bear a passing similarity to the Padashani people.

The remaining five juenta kingdoms conduct a good deal of trade between themselves.

The juenta people are social and talkative, quick witted and clever. They enjoy drinking, eating and merry making. They are known as good story tellers and often have a penchant for boasting and exaggerating. The juenta use these talents when they mingle with other races. Some become gifted orators in other lands while other juenta have become gifted conmen.

The juenta tend to be an easy going and casual people with a flexible relationship towards time and rules. Among the juenta, nothing ever really starts or ends on time. While they swear colorful oaths, they rarely take such oaths seriously.

The juenta are more interested in wine and song and love than making war or building industry. While their do have metal working, iron is scarce and their iron making is of poor quality. Most crafted items are of stone, wood, bone and leather. They are quite skilled at working these four resources.

Horse riding and archery are two skills that these people have mastered and their warriors use both when defending their towns and villages against mytharian raiders.

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