The World Of Khoras - Cultured Races

Aswani Primitive bestial humanoids that live in shaman ruled tribes.
Avarians A winged humanoid race with pronounced avian characteristics.
Baenites reclusive race of desert dwelling humanoids
Borrellians The borrellians are a humanoid race, very similar to humans, who live in the Ice Rock Mountains and are well adapted to the extreme polar conditions there.
Dwarves A short and stout underground race that appear as short, broad shouldered men with long beards and grim faces.
Elves Forest humanoids, slightly built and fair in form.
Eshtari A human offshoot race with brown skin, bright crystal grey eyes and dreadlocks. They live in a peaceful tropical paradise.
Grum The grum are a diminutive human looking race - peaceful farmers who dominate central Ithria.
Humans The core human race. The original race.
Magrakians A heavily built, very friendly, humanoid race with piggish features.
Ogres A large and heavily muscled warrior race.
Phellysians A fur-covered, feline humanoid race renowned for stealth, grace and agility.
Saridians Saridians are a tall, thin humanoid race with a unique brain structure that gives them two separate and distinct personalities.
Saurians A primitive, aggressive swamp-dwelling reptilian race.
Secambru A race of primitive giants which is slowly dying out.
Sybrenar A powerful and aggressive warrior race with demonic physical characteristics noted for being intelligent, organized and arrogant.
Trossoli The masters of the underrealms, the trossoli are the sarthak that have come to the surface of Aggradar.
Vaullians A wise, patient and kind race of mystics and philosophers.


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