The World Of Khoras - The Cultured Races


Avarians are typically born with distinctive patterns of coloration in their feathers and other variations such as size, physical form and beak size that follow hereditary patterns within each subspecies. But as with all other races, avarians are subject to the mutagenic effects of Drellisian radiation. One particular aberration which plagues the avarians involves an avarian being born with bat like characteristics rather than avian. They are known as setharins. A setharin appears as an avarian, but with the following differences : the creature is thin, almost gaunt. It lacks feathers and has much bare flesh which is dark grey. It’s huge wings are leathery and bear horny bone protrusions. Most avarians consider such beings ugly and call them abominations. Very few such aberrants are born... probably less than one in a thousand.

Setharins are almost always social outcasts and so leave avarian culture. Many find their way to the faith of Setharus and join the ranks of the brotherhood, others find acceptance with the other races of the world. In any case, these creatures are very rare. Each case is unique.

Setharins are often highly intelligent, moody and introverted. Quite often, the setharin aberration will be accompanied by other physical and mental anomalies : mental instability, albinism, deafness and innate magical ability are examples.

Setharins hatch from eggs which are likewise mutated, dark grey leathery orbs, which is much different than other avarian eggs (which tend to be white or blue).


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