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Vangrimaul is a giant who lives in the Shattered Mountains. He is easily recognizable by his two great horns that sprout from his head and curve forward, like a bull. He also has a great mane of tawny golden fur. He resemblances a giant walking horned lion more than anything else. His muscular frame stands 7 meters tall (22 feet) and he weights about 4000 kilograms (9000 pounds). His immense strength has spawned some local legends and it is said he can uproot a fully grown tree with his bare hands.

Vangrimaul hates the black dragon known as Spittle and he spends much of his time roaming the Shattered Mountains hunting the drake. They have had several legendary battles, but Vangrimaul has never been able to defeat the dragon. He has a number of terrible burns on his body and face as a result of these encounters. It is not known why he hates the dragon and is so determined to kill it. It is widely suspected that his thick skin is somewhat resistant to acid and fire and this would explain why he has been able to survive direct hits by Spittles terrible breath weapon.

The local myrian tribes do their best to avoid Vangrimaul as he has a terrible temper and has been known to kill myrians and other humanoids out of spite.

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