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On occasion, an elven child will be born different. Such a child will be smaller, more introspective and more magical. Faeries are exceptionally rare. Less than 1 in 10,000 births among the elves results in a faerie. For reasons unknown, only female elves may be born with these characteristics and they become known as faeries. Although there are rumors of even rarer male faeries.

These wondrous creatures almost always leave elven society to live in the wilds of the forest. They cannot abide civilization in any form and seek out solace in nature. Typically, a faerie will make their home in the deep woods, far from civilization. They often will inhabit a hollow in a tree, a small cave or some other natural space. They rarely leaving their chosen forest.

A typical faerie will grow less than a meter tall and weigh a mere 15 kilograms (33 pounds). Proportionally, a faerie’s wings are larger than a normal elf’s and, hence, a faerie is capable of true flight, unlike normal elves. Faeries are blessed with a great affinity for magic. Their skill at weaving spells surpasses even the elves and corvenians. Faeries are often referred to as fae.

Generally speaking, faeries are good and compassionate creatures, that love all living things. Faeries are very close to nature and greatly concerned with protecting the natural world and the forest in which they dwell. They oppose any who would enter their wood and defile the wildlife or creatures therein. They use their potent magic against orcs, trolls, evil men and other fiends that would despoil the natural order. Faeries are friends to elves and will often come to to the aid of an elf in need.


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