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House Ademar of the Wandering

General Description

Sarroch the Wise was once the Herald of House Adhemar a great and noble second tier Aukarian house. He was also a member of the Empyrean Regime and had attained the rank of Thought Master. House Adhemar was well known. Not only was Sarroch one of the greatest Heralds, but Thaine, the House Warlord, was considered by many to be the greatest warrior in the nation.

A great conflict arose between House Ademar and House Hrazan, another second tier house. Perhaps House Hrazan had grown jealous of Adhemar's fame. In any case, House Ademar was was accused of conspiring with Lothiramar, the Sorcerer King of the Kalanos Marshes. False evidence was provided. In actuality, House Hrazan is in league with the Sorcerer King. The Senate disbanded House Ademar. Soldiers came to the house and arrested the noble family. It was a night of terror and conflict. There was a terrible fight and the noble family was killed. Thaine fought ferociously, but was unable to save his master. The noble spoke his dying words to Thaine before he bled to death. Thaine, the Warlord, fought valiantly and bought enough time for Sarroch to escape with the noble's daughter and three servants. The rest of the house, servants and all, was arrested. The warlord later fled and rejoined Sarroch.

Sarroch and his group were hounded and hunted as they fled west. They heard news that House Adhemar had been completely disbanded. The remaining noble family had been put to death. All lands and wealth of House Adhemar were awarded to House Hrazan.

The group fled into Fyrren's Wandering and settled in a ruined castle there. They now live in exile in the Wandering. Thaine, the Warlord, knows the truth. He swore an oath to his dying noble master to protect Sarroch from all harm and aid him when he can. Thaine, the warlord, keeps this small group safe from the bandit groups in the Wandering. Thaine left of his own accord and is now considered a traitor by the warlords of Aukaria. His fame has turned to notoriety.

Sarroch knows that House Hrazan is in league with the Sorcerer King and can now prove it (through magical means). Since House Hrazan is now a first tier house, such a revelation would rock the Senate. However, he must travel to the Senate to make the accusation in person. Aukarian law/tradition. The journey is much too dangerous and House Hrazan is watching for such an attempt. House Hrazan has vowed to kill Sarroch and occasionally sends assassins to slay him. Thaine  has never failed to intercept and kill these assassins.

The Survivors of House Adhemar





Sarroch, the Wise

House Wizard, Chief Advisor

Vaullian Male




Aukarian (Human) Male




Aukarian (Human) Male



Servant boy

Aukarian (Human) Male

Athezar Stone Mason/Carpenter/Craftsmen Aukarian (Human) Male 38


Noble's Daughter

Aukarian (Human) Female


The Ruins

Halfway through the Wandering is where Sarrach and the other exiles of House Ademar dwell in a ruined castle. At the trailhead is a rusty iron signpost with an embossed glyph. (It is the House Glyph of Ademar).

The rocky trail winds up the side of the canyon.The path is flanked on either side by skulls atop staves. Each skull is marked by a symbol. (The symbol of the Tardem). At the bottom of the path, the skulls are more recent and covered in flesh. Crows pick at them. As the trail ascends, it is apparent the the skulls are more aged and weather worn. The trail ends at a ruined castle perched precariously atop a tall, rocky crag.

Near the top the trail stops at a gaming chasm before the castle. The castle is ancient and crumbling. However, it's obvious that some recent work has been done to repair it. (Sarroch and the others have been slowly rebuilding the castle over the years).

A number of defenses protect this castle - the rough rocky terrain, the deep moat, a gate tower, a retractable wooden bridge and massive iron doors.

Above the main double doors is the House Glyph of House Ademar, the same glyph on the rusty signpost at the trailhead far below. To the right of the main doors is a large wooden post. Nailed to the post is a large shield bearing a different heraldry design. It is hung upside down. (This is the House Glyph of House Hrazan and hanging it upside down is considered a great insult in Aukarian tradition).


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