The World Of Khoras - Physical World


In order to keep things as simple as possible, Khoras is extremely "Earth like". The actual planet of Khoras is approximately the same diameter, circumference, density and mass as Earth. It has similar geology, a similar atmosphere, similar gravity and similar weather patterns. Like Earth, it is mostly covered in oceans. In most respects, it is Earth like.

The Scale of the World and the Map

The world maps available on the map page show only a portion of the total planet surface. Just like Earth, Khoras is about 40,000 kilometers in circumference. The maps show the region of the three continents - an area that is 15,000 km north-south and 30,000 km east-west. However, the planet actually has an additional 10,000 kilometers of empty ocean and polar caps, neither of which is shown on the world maps. The graphic below demonstrates this. The area inside the red box is the area shown on the world maps.


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