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The Aswanar Wildlands

The Wildlands, as it is commonly known, is a vast region of steaming tropical jungles, dense rainforests, open grasslands and swampy marshes. It is home to many diverse ecosystems and holds a larger concentration of fauna and flora than any other part of the world. 

This broad region is home to not one, but dozens of whole ecosystems boasting millions of species of plants and animals, ranging from the tiny swamp gnat to the colossal mountain tree. Scattered across the Wildlands, one may find concentrations of lions, apes, dozens of varieties of monkeys, thousands of types of insects, lizards, snakes, wild boar, swamp rats, river hippos, spotted hyenas, striped marmots, tree sloths, hook monkeys, masked alperas, stone beaks and other flightless birds and so much more.  

But the most important creatures that call this place home are the Aswani a primitive proto-sentient humanoid species that use tools, have a language and live in tribal clans. 

The abundance of plant life in the Wildlands is truly staggering. Almost every variety of plant can be found here including hundreds of plants with alchemical and medicinal properties which have not yet been discovered and brought back to the more civilized parts of the world. 

The Wildlands is a dangerous place, full of adventure. Scattered about the region are the ruins of pres-Sundering civilization - ancient fortresses, fallen towers and long forgotten cities. These ancient places, having been abandoned over a thousand years ago, have been reclaimed by the jungle. No roads or trails lead to these places and only the most persistent adventurer will ever find them. The aswani, who it is said can smell magic, have a great fear of these places and consider them taboo. Only the bravest aswani will serve as a guide to foreign explorers and, even then, only with great payment. 

One of these great ruined cities is said to be filled with ghosts, towers that glow in the night and a pool at the center of the city in which something terribly evil dwells. 

There are rumors that several great secambru giants dwell deep within the Wildlands. Judging by the stories of their great size, it is likely that such giants must be from a very old generation. There are also rumors of other things in the deep, dark places of the Wildlands, tall wolf headed demons that move with blinding speed and hunt any who enter their domain. There is also a tale of a great wingless wyrm that dwells at the heart of the densest jungle. 

There are also rumors of a lost city buried deep within the jungle. This city is supposedly a fragment of the old Kytohan Empire. A distant military outpost on Qeshir which survived the World Storm and was cut off when the world was ravaged and the empire fell. It is said that the priests rule over the city now, shunning the outside world. The city is now entirely self contained... a xenophobic society with no contact with the outside world. Those who venture in do not return. The aswanar avoid this city and will speak little of it.


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