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Nadzam Island


Years ago, a pirate ship wrecked on the coastline of this island. Captain Nadzam and his crew dismantled the ship and cargo and set up a small camp. The island proved to have abundant fruit and fresh water and animals worth hunting. It was a tropical paradise. When another pirate ship found them, some trade was conducted and word of the tiny village brought back to the Pirate Isles.

Over the years, the camp has built dozens of permanent structures and has transformed itself into something of a frontier town. It is now called Nadzam's Town and has a population of nearly 700 permanent residents, mostly thieves, pirates, bandits and adventure seekers. It is a lawless town, it has become a minor trade town that frequently buys and sells stolen cargo from various pirate ships.

Nadzam rules the island a bit like a mayor, although he still insists that everyone refer to him as "captain". Years of "soft living" have caused him to become fat and sodded. The obese captain now rules from a stone throne surrounded by bodyguards and a court of slaves and servants.

Officially, this tiny village is not recognized by any government. It is a frequent stop for pirates. For many ships, this is the last tiny bit of civilization before heading out to deep sea.


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