The World Of Khoras - Physical World

If we cannot accept the importance of the world, which considers itself important, if in the midst of the world our laughter finds no echo, we have but one choice: to take the world as a whole and make it the object of our game; to turn it into a toy.

Milan Kundera

This section focuses on the actual world of Khoras itself - its composition, geography and its place in the heavens.

Khoras is a planet much like Earth. It is a small, life filled world adrift in the vastness of space. It has wide blue oceans, snow capped mountains, islands, forests, deserts and lakes. It has four seasons, two tides and other familiar patterns of weather, time and nature.

But cataclysmic forces have reshaped this world. Whole continents have been reforged, forests have burned up, rivers have changed course and mountains have risen. The world has been shaped even by the hand of man as nations have taken to the battlefields and unleashed horrific magical forces upon the lands.

Centuries have passed since the world has been drawn forth from the fires. The landquakes have ceased, the forests have flourished and life has filled every niche. What is left is a world of incredible beauty and variety.


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