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War Mages

The war mages are a group of specialist wizards that are being trained at the Academy of War Mages in the nation of Vorrik. In that land, where warriors rule, this school trains wizards for war. This school is the only one of its kind and is the only place that trains War Mages.

War mages blend steel and spell together in a way that no other wizard can. They tend to be much tougher than regular wizards and their combat spells hit with devastating results. Add to this the fact that a war mage typically wears armor and carries a big sword and there’s no denying the fact that a war mage is a formidable opponent on the battle field.

War mages are highly respected in their homeland of Vorrik, being employed by the military in large numbers, and word of them is spreading across the lands.

The typical war mage adventures after having served in the Vorrikan military for at least one term of duty, not less than 4 years. Some war mages are sent away on special missions early in their careers. Most war mages are eager to pit their combat skills against new adversaries and excel on the battle field.

The war mage is the perfect blend of fighter and wizard… a fusion of steel and spell. They are trained specifically to bring raw firepower in a focused package to the battle field and in this, they are very good. War mages have been trained to keep up with other soldiers, to carry heavy loads, to endure and to survive. They are a tougher, faster, meaner type of wizard. They eschew magical study to focus their training on a narrow subset of spells useful for the battlefield and hone those combat spells to perfection. The main ability of a war mage is to cast spells in armor.

War mages often choose two gods – a god of magic and a war god – to pray to. But like other wizards, War Mages are more concerned with their magic and skills than religious concerns.

Since war mages are all trained at the same academy, they share a sense of camaraderie. War mages get along well with both fighters and wizards. Although some wizards tend to look down their noses at war mages, war mages don’t seem to care.

Most war mages are human, although elves, half elves and even dwarves have been accepted into the academy at Vorrik.

Other Classes
War mages are trained to fight with groups of soldiers, but function well independently because of the mix of skills.

The war mage is a magic support specialist, providing spells and firepower in the midst of large scale battle.

Skills and Abilities

Basic Skills
War mages train in light and medium weapons and armor. They also excel at running, climbing, riding and swimming.

Spell Ability

War mages learn magic as do other wizards, but tend to focus on specific spells that are useful on the battle field. Spell research at the Academy has produced a number of spells unique to the war mages including Shockwave, Rustblood, Firebolt, Bone Shatter, Obliterate and various healing spells. They have limited ability beyond combat related spells and find themselves ill equipped for anything much beyond the battle field.


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