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Sea Mages

The sea mages are a type of spellcaster common along the coasts of Ithria. Sea mages are most common in the kingdom of Mercia, but can be found in many port cities. They use a variety of spells that are all useful on board a ship. Spells typically include controlling winds, controlling waves and sea currents, communicating with aquatic animal life, controlling weather, summoning fog, converting sea water to fresh water, healing minor wounds, reparing damage to the ship, animating rope and so forth. Sea mages tend to focus on aiding others rather than warfare. While not pacifists, they have few offensive spells.

Sea mages are highly sought after by ship captains. Having a ship mage on board can improve all aspects of life on a ship and improve the ship's chances of weathering storms, pirates, reefs and other dangers at sea. In addition to magic, sea mages also study language, culture, history and many other subjects. They are often called upon to advise their captain on a number of subjects.


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