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Chaos Sorcerers

Chaos Sorcerers are a somewhat mysterious group of wizards little known in the wide world. Chaos sorcerers differ from traditional wizards in many ways, but most importantly in how they cast their magic. This rare breed of sorcerer uses the raw and unfocused energy from the blue sun Drellis to form their spells rather than from the universal energy field as traditional wizards do. Their magic is called "wild magic" and the sorcerers are often called "wild mages". Chaos sorcerers experience a similar pattern of fluctuation due to the eclipsing of the two stars, but their pattern is exactly reversed from normal mages. When Drellis is dominant, chaos sorcerers wield great power and they suffer when Karrym rules the sky. They are rare, outnumbered by regular wizards 100 to 1, but the world is aware of them.

Few people have the necessary talent and intellect to become a mage. Even more rare is the individual who has the gift to wield the chaotic and unpredictable energies of wild magic. Only those with a certain special gift can become a wild mage. This gift tends to run along bloodlines and the children of a wild mage will often have the gift. Some traditional mages have tried their hand at wild magic, but very few are able to master it. It seems that the two styles of magic are completely incompatible and no mage can perform both. Although there are a few mages who have successfully transitioned from traditional magic to wild magic (or vice versa), it remains exceptionally rare.

Wild magic tends to be more powerful than the magic wielded by traditional wizards. However, it is also less controllable. What it gains in power, it lacks in subtlety. Wild magic is named so because of the tendency of such spells to behave erratically. Spells from chaos sorcerers frequently vary from the intended result. Range, area of effect, targeting and more can all vary. Even the most carefully crafted wild spell may have strange side effects that linger. When a spell misfires in this way it is called a "spell warp". A spell warp often produces an altered or random effect, but the effect is almost always tied to the intended effect of the original spell in some way. For instance, a spell intended to fling a great ball of fire may instead create a continuous stream of fire or a series of small fiery bolts or a sudden increase in temperature within 300 meters. The nature of this warping varies a great deal depending on the situation.

Wild mages also tend to suffer unusual side effects from their art. It is, perhaps, due to the long term exposure to wild magic. These side effects may range from the subtle to the extreme. A few examples follow:



It is tradition for chaos sorcerers to gather in small groups known as covens. Each coven is traditionally seven members. Covens gather to share magical knowledge, study their craft and seek out others with the gift. Those individuals who have the necessary talent are invited to join as apprentices, often at a young age.

Chaos sorcerers tend to be secretive as they are generally feared and distrusted by the world at large. The only way to become a chaos sorcerer is to make contact with a coven (or to be contacted by a

Chaos sorcerers are most common in Ithria, although it is not known why. Some scholars have speculated that chaos sorcery and wild magic may have developed in Ithria because it was the origin of the Sundering and World Storm.


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