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Lasyne is the magical scipt used by the mages of Anquar. Like the dwarven script, Inedka, is consists entirely of straight lines, making it very easy to inscribe in hard materials such as bone, wood, metal or stone.

The letters of Lasyne bears little resemblance to the letters used in any magic writing system used in Ithria or Aggradar. However, those mages who specialize in comparative magical writing have noticed that the way in which letters are combined in Lasyne does bear a distant likeness to Huridian. There are too many similarities to be coincidence. Some historians believe that this is further evidence that Karnus, the great mage that civilized the region of Anquar, really was a former Alliance Mage Lord. Many mages believe a study of Lasyne may provide clues to deciphering Huridian.

Sample of Lasyne Magical Script


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