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Huridian was the predominant coding system used by the elite Alliance Mage Lords of the Thullian Empire. The Mage Lords were the most powerful wizards of the empire and they commanded magic more powerful than anything the world has ever seen. This deceptively simple looking code has defied all attempts at translation. To date, no one has deciphered even a part of it. At least, if anyone has, they haven't made that public knowledge yet. Most mages believe that deciphering this code would lead to a tremendous leap in magical power as there are many scrolls in many libraries throughout the world which are written in this code and are essentially unreadable. It would make the spells of the Alliance Mage Lords accessible to modern mages, spells which are much more powerful than present day incantations. Several well known wizards have dedicated their careers to the successful decoding of this dead writing system. Until one of them succeeds, this code remains a curiosity. Scrolls written in Huridian are either extremely valuable or completely worthless, depending on who you ask.

Sample of Huridian Magical Script


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