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Dreth was the primary magical coding script used by mages throughout the Traxx Legion in ages past. It was based loosely on the tribal glyphs used by the shamans of the Barakus clans. It is still used widely in the southern regions of Ithria - Dreth is still used today in southern Ithria, primarily in the Drakkellian Alliance, the Coalition, the Pirate Isles and all three grumman nations (Jannerus, Khenshire and the Falkir Clans). Even the xenophobic baenites use a corrupt form of Dreth. Many mages study Dreth in order to read old Drethian scrolls that can be found in ancient Traxxian tomes or in libraries of the south. It is often useful for magical research and historical interests.

Dreth consists of 144 glyphs arranged in twelve sets of twelve glyphs each that are related by function. There are also a number of smaller markings that can be added to any glyph to alter its meaning slightly. It is notable that Dreth is written in vertical lines from top to bottom. This too is a trait passed down from the Barakus shamans.

Sample of Dreth Magical Script


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