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Essence Storms

When a concentration of essence builds up in one area, an essence storm may result. These are rare and spectacular phenomena in which eddies and currents of essence begin interacting with the environment in random and unpredictable ways.

Usually, an essence storm involves visual and tactile characteristics. The air becomes statically charged. Lightning bolts, spontaneous eruptions of flame, wind, streams of plasma and bursts of light are all common. In addition, magic items and spells behave erratically within an essence storm. Mages are strengthened greatly, but loss all control of their spells. In some cases, spell fire erupts from their bodies. In some cases, random magical effects have been witnessed. Physical objects will appear and disappear, windows in time and gateways to other dimensions will open and close.

It is not known exactly what causes essence storms to erupt. However, wizards have noticed that they and magic items attract the worst of such storms like magnets. Essence seems attracted to essence.

Some mages take precautions when they know they are going to be casting a great deal of magic (for instance, during the creation of a magically enchanted item). Some mages specialize in the control of essence and work toward spells and items that ward off essence storms. There has been some limited success in this field of study. Even so, essence storms remain very rare, dangerous and difficult to predict.


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