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Tower of Arcanology

Full Name The Tower of Arcanology
Location Arcanum
Head Master Kinth Suvodar
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 140-150/22/10
Demographics Human 73%, Dwarven 16%,  Grum 8%, Elven 3%,
Languages Northern 100%
Year Founded 2244 CY
Wealth Above average
Entrance Requirements Series of exams.
Curriculum Magical and mechanical training.
Yearly Tuition 400 gold carriks per year.
Arcane Coding Systems Used Iskren


The Tower of Arcanology is a school that specializes in a specific sub-branch of magical research known as arcanology. The tower of Arcanology is a stout grey stoned castle with a single great tower that sits perched on a grassy hill just outside the town of Stormy Lake in Carrikos. The castle houses the school rooms and living quarters for all students, faculty and staff. It also houses a great central library and several small laboratories and spell research chambers. The courtyard holds a garden where the school grows rare herbs useful in alchemy.

Arcanologists are a specialist type of wizard who tinker with the inner workings of magic and study how magical technology can be applied to the physical world. They are masters of alchemy, lore, magic and metamagic. They specialize in the construction and operation of magic items, artificial constructs and spell effects. They can imbue items with magical energy, analyze spells and magic items, modify the function of magic items, alter the functioning of spells, brew potions and other alchemical products, repair damaged enchanted items and magical machinery and craft magic items.

At the Tower of Arcanology, students study a wide variety of magical disciplines and how they interrelate. They receive a broad and deep education in all the disciplines so that they can bend the rules of those disciplines. Arcanology students typically spend eight to ten years studying at the school to complete the curriculum. They must pass a grueling multi-part test administered by several instructors in order to graduate.

The Tower of Arcanology was founded by a human mage named Azlor. Azlor was the very man who founded this discipline of magical research after finding the teachings of standard wizardry did not fit the scope of what he wanted to accomplish with magic. Azlor was the first arcanologist and developed most of the spells and underlying philosophies himself. He established the school in 2244 CY, hired the initial staff and trained the first seven graduating classes himself. The school has remained in service for more than 500 years. During that time, it has relocated twice (once due to a building fire caused by one of the students).

The school today is going strong. It admits about 25 students each year and graduates about a dozen (approximately one half of the students who begin their career with the school fail to finish). The school is struggling to attain a certain level of respectability. There are some wizards who view arcanology as an inferior form of "metamagic" and are somewhat dismissive of it.


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