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Ornisem's Academy

Full Name Ornisem's Academy of Corvenian Magic
Location Corvenia
Head Master Ornisem Krumwell V
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 350-400/18/12
Demographics Human (Corvenian) 100%
Languages Corven 100%
Year Founded 2527 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Must be of Corvenian blood
Curriculum Corvenian magic exclusively
Yearly Tuition 1200 corvenian crystals per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Iretic

This school of wizards has been in continuous operation in the city of Zesrun for longer than most people can remember. This school takes its name from its headmaster. The school was actually founded almost two centuries ago by Ornisem Krumwell the Great, a very talented corvenian wizard who was fiercely proud of corvenian magic. Each succeeding Krumwell generation has named the firstborn son Ornisem and this son has been groomed for the position of headmaster from his birth.

The current headmaster is Ornisem Krumwell V.  Ornisem is an old corvenian wizard, now 67 years old, who teaches young corvenians to master their inherent magical gifts. More importantly, he instills in them a fierce love of their culture and pride in all things corvenian. Some consider this school the very heart of the corvenian people.

The school is a massive three story structure with white walls, a red tiled roof and copper domed towers. It is kept running by a staff of 12 grum and humans (all of them unskilled in magic) and 18 corvenian mages. Ornisem likes to have non-magical, non-corvenian henchmen scrubbing the floors and doing the menial labor as a way of reinforcing corvenian superiority for his students. It's a subtle daily reminder of corvenian heritage.

The school teaches all age groups, from very young children to adults. The academy teaches children the basics of corvenian magic and brings all students to a certain minimum level of skill. At any given time there will be almost 400 students in the school. The school does not have live-in students. Most students live in the city and walk to school every day. There are day and evening classes. Not everyone can afford to send their children to school here. It is definitely for the upper class corvenians.

It is important to note that only corvenian magic is taught at this school as opposed to "traditional" magic. Other mages in the world learn their arcane arts through study whereas corvenians have magic "in the blood" as they say. Their magic is innate and all corvenians, even those who do not study, have at least a little bit of magical ability. Most corvenians train a little every day to make the flicker of magic in them burn bright and produce useful magical effects. Other corvenians aggressively practice their innate abilities and soon are able to accomplish powerful spell effects like the mages of other lands. Because of this, only corvenians are accepted as students. It's not really a matter of prejudice. It's a practical matter. Non-corvenians simple do not have any corvenian talent to begin with. And mages from other lands find corvenian magic too different from their own to get any real benefit from studying this type of magic.

Advanced classes, taught by Ornisem himself, are available for those who wish to pursue a career in magic. The school is supplemented financially by grants from the government. Many corvenian children are sent to complete at last one basic semester here in order to learn corvenian history and culture. Ornisem is happy to teach any corvenian who is willing to learn. He worries that today's children seem more and more likely to take their gift for granted. He believes the school serves a vital function in keeping corvenian magic alive and well..


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