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Hall of Tomes

Full Name Hall of Tomes
Location Free City of Ithell
Head Master Hilgefor
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 15/0/1
Demographics Human 40% , Elves 30% , Grum 10%, Other 10%
Languages Southern 90%, Elven 10%
Year Founded 2283 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude test and personal interview
Curriculum General magic.
Yearly Tuition 400 gold lords (or equivalent) per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Parueli

The Hall of Tomes is the name of a small school of wizardry located in the city of Ithell. This small academy is run by the strict Master Hilgefor. He is a half-baenite, a very rare crossbreed. He stands over 2 meters tall and has thin, angular features. His skin is grey and creased with wrinkles from a face which is always set in a stern scowl. Hilgefor never smiles. Indeed, he never shows any emotion at all and tries to instill this stone cold demeanor into his students. The pupils of this school observe the strictest regulations, absolute silence (no music, no laughter, etc.) and a work schedule that makes one pity them. The students live full time at the Hall of Tomes and are under Master Hilgefor's constant control. However, all this discipline pays off. Graduates from this school are masters of the Art. Only about 2-3 students graduate from this school each year. Likewise, about that many are admitted to study each year. This keeps the student body hovering around 15 students. Hilgefor is school master, teacher, kitchen staff and janitor all in one. And yet still finds time to serve at the Lore Masters.


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