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University of Aridorn - College of Magic

Full Name Aridorn's College of Magic
Location The Great Rukemian Empire
Head Master Headmistress Sarrulla Wendar
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 600/30/50
Demographics Human 85%, Grum 13, Other 2%
Languages Rukemia 100%
Year Founded 1127 CY
Wealth Wealthy
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude test, interviews.
Curriculum General magic.
Yearly Tuition 1400 gold drokmire per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Iskren

The largest school of magic in all of Ithria is undoubtedly the College of Magic, the smallest of the colleges that comprise the University of Aridorn. Although technically a part of the University of Aridorn, the College of Magic stands somewhat apart, both physically and socially.

The college resides in a large keep of pillars, marble and stone. The building has 286 chambers on 5 floors. Thirty full time faculty teach a student body that typically numbers around five hundred students. They are supported by a dedicated staff of fifty servants that clean the halls, cook the meals and keep the school well stocked.

The College of Magic contains the Library of Hamanoth, Xandar's Alchemy Lab, the Vault of Spell Ingredients, the Summoning Chamber and a large shrine to Vorkayne. It has several smaller libraries (each specializing in a particular branch of magic), dozens of smaller labs, three auditoriums, four dining halls, a warehouse of magical paraphernalia and a large "spell firing" chamber for testing large scale spells in a controlled environment.

Many students live, work and study within the walls of this college. Others live in Aridorn and walk to school each day. The arcane curriculum here covers basic magic theory, spell research, arcane mathematics, spell formulae, herbalism and alchemy. In addition to magic, the students receive a well rounded education in literature, history, philosophy, religion, geography, cartography, scribing skills and etiquette.

Most students undergo a long 10 year course of study. About half drop out. Each year sees about 25 students graduate. Perhaps because of the sheer enormity of its student body, the University of Aridorn's College of Magic has earned a rather poor reputation as a place of magical academia. It has its critics that say magic should be taught with attention to detail that is lacking in large classrooms. Still, the College of Magic successfully churns out more than a score of young spell casters every year, each one capable of at least basic magic.

The Headmistress of the University is Sarulla Wendar, an organized and decisive, but humorless woman. She wears her hair in a tight bun, wears plain grey robes and rarely smiles.


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