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Academy of War Mages

Full Name The Vorrikan Academy of War Mages
Location Vorrik
Head Master Sassinar Iltoch
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 80-120/18/47
Demographics Human 75%, Dwarven 10%, Elven 10%, Grum 5%
Languages Northern 80%, Dwarven 15%, Ogrish 5%
Year Founded 717 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Exam and physical test.
Curriculum Battle magic and physical training.
Yearly Tuition 360 gold hammers per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Inedka

The Academy of War Mages is a well known and greatly respected school in northern Ithria. Situated in the Garrison Quarter of the city of Aerith, this military run school is easily recognizable as one of the largest towers in the city. Rising above the other rooftops, the Academy of War Mages is a single great tower of black stone and grey tiled roof. Gargoyles peer down, leering at the common folk far below. 

This school is funded by the government and run by the military. It is here that Vorrik trains young talented men and women and turns them into "war mages". A Vorrikan war mage is trained in both steel and spell. Unlike most mages, vorrikan war mages wear heavy armor, wield a variety of weapons and are in good physical condition. They are trained to keep up with soldiers on the battle field and provide support with a wide variety of offensive and defensive spells. War mages also are skilled are herbalism, healing and wield a few potent healing spells.

Vorrikan war mages focus their studies on "battle magic" and spells that are useful to military campaigns - offensive spells, defensive spells, various detection spells, healing magicks and the like. They have limited ability beyond these spells and find themselves ill equipped for anything much beyond the battle field.

The Academy building is 13 stories high and has 65 rooms. It is run by a staff of 47 and a faculty of 18. In any given year, there will typically be between 80 and 120 students, of which about 10 to 12 will graduate. The school curriculum is 8 full years and culminates in a series of tests on the battle field. Students are confined to the tower during their first four years. During their second four years, they frequently participate in training exercises with soldiers, stay at military camps and become more involved in the army way of life.

Students of this school are given rank based on the year of their attendance:

First Year - Initiate
Second Year - Novice
Third Year - Apprentice
Fourth Year - Student Mage
Fifth Year - Lesser Mage 
Sixth Year - Warrior Mage
Seventh Year - Knight Mage
Eight Year - Battle Mage

All graduates of this academy are required to serve in the Vorrikan military for a term of four years. After this mandatory service is concluded, some choose to remain in the army making a career of it. Others travel the world, joining mercenary companies or adventuring parties. Some war mages continue their studies into spellcraft to broaden their experience beyond battle magic. A number take up careers as bodyguards that use magical skills.

The Headmaster, Sassinar, is a handsome man with a mane of jet black curly hair and a neatly trimmed beard and moustache. He is arrogant, self assured and charming. He is absolutely confident in his abilities, steel and spell. He considers himself a cultured, philosophical and brilliant man. He loves wine and has a truly tremendous wine cellar in the school. He loves to cook and believes himself a culinary master, though his creations are sometimes only for the adventurous palate.


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