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Grayliff's Arrow of Endless Persistence

Other Names Targeting Arrow, Arrow of Pursuit
Category Weapon
Dimensions Typically about 80 cm long.
Weight Approximately 110 grams.
Aura Type Enchantment
Activation Word None
Average Market Price 75 gp
Average Creation Cost 30gp
Magical Strength Minor

Physical Description

These arrows are usually of the highest quality and quite decorative. Most have oak shafts, a shiny silvery four bladed tip and red fletching. It will detect as magical under the appropriate detection spell.


Grayliff was a powerful mage from Carrikos who lived about a century ago. It was Grayliff who developed this arrow on commision for a freelance military company. The complex arcane formulae used for its development was stolen from Grayliff's tower by Brith, a well known master thief, who was hired by Changroth, a rival sorcerer. Brith delivered the spell notes, as promised, but then double crossed Changroth by lettting Grayliff know who had stolen it. Furthermore, the thief sold a copy of the formulae to a local wizard's group. This ignited a conflict between several wizards. Since then, the knowledge of how to manufacture this item has passed through more than one group. There are now at least four wizard's guilds who have access to this information. Over the years, it is likely that there have been many dozens of these arrows created.


This magnificent arrow has only one enchantment. When it is fired at a target, it flies like a normal arrow. However, if it misses the target, for any reason, it will continue to fly, making another pass. If it misses again, it will make a third pass and a fourth. This arrow is relentless. It can fly around obstacles, turn corners, navigate narrow gaps and even reverse direction. It will only stop if it becomes stuck or entangled somehow or it fails to hit its target four times. It also has a time limit, generally only flying for about half a minute. As there are a lot of variables that could come into play, exact behavior of this arrow is up to the game master.

Drellis Effect Response

This arrow is unaffected by the Drellis effect and will functionally normally in any stellar phase.



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