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Arrow of Tidings

Other Names Tiding Arrow
Category Weapon
Dimensions Typically about 75 cm long.
Weight Approximately 100 grams.
Aura Type Alchemy and Corporealism
Activation Word None
Average Market Price 50 gp
Average Creation Cost 25 gp
Magical Strength Minor

Physical Description

An arrow of tidings typically has a shaft of ash wood and a fletching of green dyed feathers. It will seem like any common arrow except that the tip is a bulbous point covered in a dark powder, somewhat like soot. It will detect as magical under the appropriate detection spell.


The arrow of tidings is most likely an invention from the Great War, although the identity of its inventor is lost to history. They were typically used during military campaigns to deliver messages from one group to another. Arrows of tidings have been around for centuries and the method of enchanting them is known to many wizards. It is likely that hundreds of such arrows have been made and used throughout history.


If fired from a bow as a weapon, it will act like any normal arrow. However, because of its heavy, bulbuous iron head, it will perform poorly (compared to a typical arrow) and it is difficult to hit a target with such an arrow. As such, it is possible that an arrow of tiding might be used repeatedly by someone who does not know its true nature, thinking it merely a poorly designed projectile.

It's true nature is difficult to ascertain unless one knows the nature of this device. It's purpose is to deliver a message from the one firing the arrow to any other person.

If the head of this arrow is held in a fire, the bulbous head will emit thick soot black smoke. The user must put his face into the smoke and speak the message to be delivered. The smoke will only last for a few seconds so the user must be quick and the message must be brief. After a few seconds, the smoke will be sucked back onto the head of the arrow.

When next drawn, the archer merely speak the name of someone known to him. The person giving the arrow its message and the archer need not be the same person. When loosed, the arrow will fly off into the sky and seek out the person who was named. It will fly fast and far, travelling any distance to reach the recipient. The arrow flies swiftly, crossing a league in a minute. The recipient must be on the same plane as the user. It cannot travel between dimensions. If the person named is, in fact, on another plane, the arrow, when fired, will vanish in a puff of sooty black smoke, its magic wasted.

If the arrow is prevented from reaching its target recipient by some physical barrier, it will likewise vanish in a puff of sooty black smoke.

Assuming the arrow reaches its recipient, it will pierce the ground nearby and ignite. From the flames of the arrow will issue the same sooty black smoke. The smoke will form the face of the one who spoke the message and the message will be spoken just as it was when first uttered. At the conclusion of the message, the smoke dissipates and the arrow is reduced to ash. This arrow is usable only once.

Drellis Effect Response

This arrow is unaffected by the Drellis effect and will functionally normally in any stellar phase.


This arrow need not be fired from a bow. In fact, if the message is given to the arrow and the name of the recipient is spoken while the arrow is held in one's hand, it can be simply thrown into the air and the arrow will take flight, leaving to deliver its message.

The flames of the arrow created during delivery of the message are real and could potentially ignite something. The arrow was designed to be used outdoors between armies under battle conditions. However, if an arrow manages to deliver a message to someone who is indoors, it could ignite a rug, for instance.

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