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Grenfulk, the Foe Teller

Other Names None
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This weapon appears as a very high quality warhammer of blackened steel. The steel pommel is fashioned into the likeness of an orc skull.


Like many other enchanted weapons, this warhammer is ensorcelled such that it feels light in the hand and yet deals blows as if much heavier.

On a particularly solid hit, any damage done by the Warhammer is bestowed as healing upon the wielder.

The warhammer's main function, however, is much more interesting than mere battle blows. The orc skull pommel of this weapon is animate. It's name is "Grenfulk" and it can speak to the wielder of the warhammer. It speaks with the husky voice of a male orc. If held in such a way that Grenfulk can see the wielder's opponent, he can then "tell the foe's story". Grenfulk need only see the target creature.

For instance, Grenfulk might say something like "Beware that one. He is Garakus the Fearless, a half ogre of ill repute and terrible strength. He is very skilled with the mace he now wields and will prove a difficult foe. He wears little armor but the life force is strong in him, stronger than your dwarf companion. He is wounded from an arrow in the thigh.  He has no magic skill, but some magic upon him renders him unharmed by flame or frost. Lightning, however, will work.” The skull may know even more if the target is particularly famous or legendary.

Outside of battle, Grenfulk can converse on any topic, but his knowledge is limited to his own life (see History above). He knows a lot about orcs, goblins and ogres because of his life. About foes, he knows only “what the magic tells me”. His seer ability is limited to people, creatures and monsters. He can’t prophesize about magic items, locations, historical events or future events.

All of these magical functions work only if wielded by a dwarf. If held by a non-dwarf, the hammer is inert and lifeless. If held by a half-dwarf, then the skull will need convincing that the wielder is a dwarf "in his heart" else the skull will refuse to cooperate and none of the other features will function.


Unlike many ancient enchanted weapons, the story of this weapon is well known because the weapon can speak for itself. Grenfulk was an orcish prisoner in Urmordia some 2152 CY. Along with other orcish prisoners, he was handed over to a dwarven wizard as a slave. The wizard experimented on a number of the orcs, killing most of them, but learning from each. He then crafted a war hammer and ensorcelled it with potent spells. The dwarven wizard then performed a ritual, at the conclusion of which, he decapitated Grenfulk. Grenfulk's skull was shrunk to one third it's normal size, coated in steel, covered in runes and worked into the pommel of the weapon. Grenfulk's mind and senses were then restored and he found that he had been incorporated into the pommel of the weapon. What terrible sorcery was used, he has no idea. Nor does Grenfulk know the name of the "evil wizard" who did this to him. He only knows that he is now a weapon.

The weapon has seen countless battles and been used by dozens of warriors. It has changed hands many times and, Grenfulk the skull pommel, will gladly tell a new wielder all about the battles he has seen and former warriors who have wielded him.

Drellis Effect Response

Will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase.


Despite what was done to him, Grenfulk has an oddly bright and optimistic outlook on "life". He is sometimes chatty and will ask questions at the most inopportune times. He enjoys battle and will always encourage a violent solution to any problem. He also likes seeing the world and talking to his wielder, both of which help alleviate the boredom of eternal existence.

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