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Eye of Kaedin

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Category Jewelry
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

The Eye of Kaedin is a beautiful disk-shaped brooch fashioned of purest silver. Elaborate scrollwork and gracefully entwined silver strands adorns both faces. Worked into the decoration are intricately carved arcane runes of Dreth. Embedded in the center of the device is a large pearl. If one stares long into the jewel of the brooch, one gets the impression of a large unblinking eye staring back at them. The Eye of Kaedin is centuries old. The once gleaming silver is now tarnished and scratched.


During the Age of Sorrow, there lived a sorcerer named Kaedin. Weary of thieves pillaging his tower, he created a fabulous jewel and placed a curse upon it. Kaedin is long dead now and his tower is collapsed. His legacy is lost to the ages. The Eye of Kaedin, however, still exists today. 

Because of the nature of this item, it has passed from thief to thief for countless years. It has been circulated around the lands many times and has become something of a myth to thieves.


If the Eye of Kaedin is stolen, the brooch will wait until the thief faces it and then the pearl at the center of the brooch will unleash a blinding blast of light. This magical effect will instantly and permanently blind the thief. This blindness is a curse... an enchanted darkness drawn down upon the eyes. It can be dispelled, but only by the most powerful of magicks. If the item is ever stolen from the victim, sight is restored and the "curse" of blindness is transferred to the new thief/victim.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.




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