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Chayl's Transporter

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Category Jewelry
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

This ring is fashioned from intricately braided silver wires in beautiful interlocking patterns. The ring is large, but will adjust itself automatically to fit the finger of a new owner.


This ring was created some 500 years ago by the House Wizard Chayl of the Aukarian House Ibarchus. The exact incantations used in the ring's creation are lost to history. It was created for the master of that House at that time, a tremendously fat man that detested physical labor, even the effort of climbing stairs and walking. He used the ring to teleport to move about his home, typically from balcony to ground level and back. It served him well for many years.

Due to its very nature, the ring has traveled all about the continent of Aggradar and beyond. It has passed from one owner to another more times than can be counted.

This ring has inspired the creation of copies and it is known that at least several other magic rings with similar enchantments have been forged.


This ring allows the user to teleport, simply by willing it. It has the following limitations:

  1. The teleportation functions only five times per day.
  2. Teleportation is line of sight only. You must be able to see your destination.
  3. Maximum range is 100 meters.
  4. Maximum capacity is 500 kilograms.
  5. The ring can not teleport through heavy metals or dense stone. A portcullis would not pose a problem, but a thick iron door with a small window in it might. Even though the wearer could see the destination through the small window, the heavy iron door might interfere with the transmission of energy enough to prevent the teleport. (DM's discretion).

Drellis Effect Response

This ring will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase. It's range and mass limit are doubled during Karrym dominant stellar phase.


This ring has a flaw in its enchantment and is sensitive to magical energy in the environment. If subjected to intense magical energy (such as being brought within the area of effect of a powerful spell or near a strong magical field or item), the ring has a 40% chance of spontaneously teleporting itself, leaving the finger of its possessor. Such spontaneous teleportations are still limited by range, but are completely random in direction. On occasion, it will take the wearer with it during these spontaneous discharges.


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