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The Lamp of Amanruetal

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Category Device
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

A magnificently crafted bullseye lantern fashioned from iron and trimmed in silver. It is cylindrical with a large lense making up one quarter of the device. The lens is a complex, multi-layered thing fashioned from carefully ground crystal lenses. Overall, this lantern is a work of art and the craftsmenship that went into it is obvious at a glance.


As far as is known, there is only one Lamp of Amanruetal. It was fashioned by the great necromancer Saramuthak before he was imprisoned by the Church of Chaddamar. He fashioned the device sometime in the 27th century (sometime in the last 80 years most likely). The name most likely comes from the term aman-rutal which, in the old Kytohanese tongue, means roughly "what is hidden made visible". It is assumed that Saramuthak created this lamp in order to deal with some invisible creature or phenomenon that he encountered in the Desolation of Shidar.


The Lamp of Amanruetal is burns regular light oil, but the enchantment lens alters the light. The light projected from this lamp will make invisible creatures visible. This works on most invisible creatures - ghosts, spirits, wind stalkers, etc. - and most invisibility spells. However, it will not work on chameleons, shimmer cats and others that use physical camouflage rather than invisibility.

Drellis Effect Response

The delicate enchantments of this lantern are easily disrupted. The lantern will not function during a Drellis dominant phase. It will also temporarily fail to work if it is in close proximity to another powerful magic item.




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