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Haldinor's Travel Flask

Other Names -
Category Device
Magical Strength Weak

Physical Description

An ornate iron flask with a cylindrical body and long neck. It is dark grey and has an iron and cork stopper on a chain.


Haldinor was a powerful arch mage that lived in Carrikos during the twenty second century. He is known to have crafted many useful items. This is one of them that has survived into the modern day and bears his name. It is believed that he crafted several of these for his own use and gave out several as gifts to friends over the years.


This flask has two functions. One per day, this flask will, upon command, fill with either fresh water, wine or a basic healing potion. In addition, any liquid poured into this flask will be purged of all toxins, poisons and disease.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.




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