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Eyes of Ishkol

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Category Device
Magical Strength Very strong

Physical Description

An Eye of Ishkol appears as a beautiful and intricately crafted orb of metal. It is shaped like an egg and is as large as a clenched fist. It is encased in a decorative mesh of silver and gold metallic parts. Circles, triangles, spirals, plates and lines weave together into an intricate web that encases the device in a grid of ornate armor. When activated, the device with humm and vibrate and the armor will begin to unfold - shifting, rotating and sliding away as a seam appears around the middle. The opening of the armor greatly resembles an eye opening, which gives the device its name. Within the heart of the object is a faceted blue crystal held in a frame. This crystal will glow, dimly or brightly, as it is used.

If dropped from any height, it will come to rest levitating above whatever surface lies beneath.


The Eyes of Ishkol are potent relics of sorcery. They were originally created as a set of ten by the legendary arch mage Ishkol in 1715 CY for the Duke of


This rare item of arcane power has several powerful functions

Three times per day, it will allow the possessor to do one of the following:


Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.




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