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Harkyle's Boots

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Category Clothing
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

Harkyle's boots are a pair of knee high leather boots fashioned from the thick hide of some scaled reptilian creature.They are dark green and trimmed in black. The interior is a soft tan leather.


Very little is known of the history of this item. Some historical records from the Age of Sorrow mention a mage named Harkyle. It is likely that he was the creator of this item.


Harkyle's boots provide excellent armor protection to the feet and lower legs. They are virtually indestructible. They are also completely unaffected by fire, electricity, heat, acid and other corrosives. When worn, these boots improve the jumping ability of the wearer. The wearer of the boots can walk for hours, even uphill, without fatigue. The user's feet will never get sore, but always feel comfortable. Finally, the wearer of these boots can walk on the surface of a liquid, but only if the liquid is very calm and flat. Walking on the surface of a river, lake or sea would be very difficult, if not impossible. (Game Master's discretion).

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.


For unknown reasons, these boots seem to have a strange effect on nearby reptilian creatures. Dragons, fire drakes, dragon eels, large snakes and other large reptilian creatures are driven into a rage when these boots are near. When within about 300 meters, large reptilian creatures will become aware of the boots, track them down and attack the wearer. The hunter Askaran of Normidia, who possessed the boots for awhile, claimed that reptiles could smell the boots and that this drove them into a rage. However, the mage Elabor of Corvenia, who had a chance to study the boots, claims that there is a flaw in their enchantment which accounts for the odd reptilian behavior. Regardless of the cause, the possessor of these boots may find them more trouble than they're worth.


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