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Cloak of the Raven

Other Names Raven Cloak, Maymudar's Feathered Cloak
Category Clothing
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This full-length heavy cloak is fashioned of thick leather with a soft wool lining. It's outer layer is covered with hundreds of glossy, black raven feathers.


The cloak of the raven was first developed by Maymudar, a talented wizard who born and lived sometime in the 20th century in northern Ithria. According to some stories, his uncle took him on a trip to Avar where they met with and traded with the Avarians. It is an adventure which profoundly impacted the young man and greatly influenced his later life. Throughout a successful wizarding career, it is said that he crafted several enchanted items that took inspiration from the avarians. This is, no doubt, his most well known creation. Maymudar himself wore and used the cloak frequently in his lifetime. Upon his death it passed to a young nephew who had a successful naval career. This nephew, who eventually ended up commanding his own ship, used it sparingly. It was thought lost when his ship was sank in the waters of the Captured Sea in 2138 CY. However, magic items often survive where more mundane items do not. Some four centuries later, a "cloak of feathers" was found washed ashore after a storm on a Vorrikan beach. This was 2541 CY It eventually found its way into the hands of Valpazar, a wealth Vorrikan merchante who wore it for thirty years without even knowing its true nature. It passed to a grandson upon his death in 2580 CY who wore it for 10 years before discovering it was magical in nature. Shortly after this discover, it was stolen. There were rumors it had appeared on the shoulders of an orcish chieftain in the mountains and later, that a "feathery cloak" was seen on a goblin shaman in the depths of the Troll Hills far to the south. It was last seen being taken by a harothi saurian warrior who ventured into the Stench Bog with it. It's current whereeabouts are unknown.



This enchanted has three main functions. First and foremost is the power of flight. When worn, the wearer of this cloak can fly. The wearer must leap from a high point, at which the cloak will extend and begin to flap, like wings, supporting the wearer. It's second function is one of shapechanging. The wearer can change into a raven at will. This cloak also allows the wearer to speak to, and be understood, by ravens. Any common raven will understand and obey the orders of the wearer of this cloak to the best of its ability. Finally, with extended use, the wearer will gradually develop excellent eyesight.

Each time the cloak is used for either flight or transformation into a raven, the cloak will lose a feather. Although not known definitely, it is widely suspected that when the cloak loses its last feather, it's magic will be spent and the cloak will lose all powers forever.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.




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